Revenge 2×17: Mother of the year award

Revenge 2x17: Victory

Revenge 2×17: Victory

Revenge 2×17: Victory
Conrad isn’t doing so great in the polls. The Graysons decide to use Jack and Amanda’s foundation to strengthen his position. Eli suggests to give a big check to his and Amanda’s former home (the one she set on fire). But I think Eli is acting kind of shady. Emily joins him when he decides to visit their former home. Again we see some awful flashbacks, while Eli makes some devious plans with their foster mom Meredith (I told you he was shady…). At the press conference it turns out Eli wanted to ruin their foster mother all along, when he exposes her cruel ways in his speech. She gets back at him by exposing him as the one who burned down her home all those years ago instead of Amanda. Oops, Emily isn’t pleased and demands that he leaves. But he promised her that he would retrieve the letters Meredith stole from Amanda. We don’t get to see what happens exactly, but he takes revenge. He doesn’t get the letters, because Meredith sold them to “some guy”. A certain reporter called Mason Treadwell to be exact. I actually really enjoyed this twist. Although the letters are gone (because Emily set fire to them, when she set fire to Treadwell’s place in season one) we learn Victoria has another son. We don’t know how the father is, but I guess we will learn that very soon.

I think this final twist was the most interesting part of the episode. Including Victoria sending a bullet letter to her own son to scare him. The rest of it was kind of boring (although it had some nice comedic lines from Nolan). Jack is still trying to find out the truth about the night of Faux-manda’s death. With a little help from Declan he contacts Kenny Ryan who (sort of) promises to help him take down Conrad.

The other big storyline was Padma handing Carrion over to the Initiative. Of course Team Revenge tries to keep her safe, but they fail in the most ridiculous way ever. First of all, why do you put a tracking device in the part that can easily be removed from the USB? Plus Nolan distraction Aiden from shooting Trask was even more stupid, because that would have been a great win for Team Revenge. Although I wonder if the Initiative wouldn’t have shoot back at them. Also the lovey dovey stuff between Nolan and Padma was a little bit too much in my opinion. Two weeks ago he didn’t trust her and now they are declaring eternal love to each other. The only good thing about this storyline was the Lee Harvey Oswald reference by Nolan. It made me laugh.

I’m curious what the next episode will bring now Eli is gone. Plus I’m a sucker for a masquerade ball. This episode was slightly better than the previous one, based on certain twist and turns. – 7/7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Emily’s voice-over: “In the art of war if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the approaching battles. But if you know only yourself and not your enemy, for every victory there will also be defeat.”
Nolan: “We’ve given our enemy the most unimaginably dangerous program known to man and put two innocent peoples’ lives in unimaginable danger. You really should consider another line of work.”
Aiden: “Can you stop breathing so heavily?” Nolan: “Well, I’m sorry to bother you, Lee Harvey. I guess I just get a little nervous when I’m about to kill people.”


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