Go On 1×20: Widows!

Go On 1x20: Matchup Problems

Go On 1×20: Matchup Problems

Go On 1×20: Matchup Problems
It’s was the big reunion of Mr. and Mrs. Bing, and while I was very excited for it to happen, it felt a bit like an anti-climax. Yes, of course you couldn’t expect a “hey Monica” and “hey Chandler” moment, but I think the storyline was a tiny bit over the top. Mostly because of Courteney’s storyline, because I love seeing Ryan and Anne bantering. She introducing Ryan to her late wife as “the pain I live with every day” was funny, especially when Ryan thought it wasn’t about him. Maybe it was just the thing she did with her tongue, because the joyriding and yelling Widows! was kind of funny.

Yolanda was forced by her parents to join an Asian Christians single cruise. She stayed in touch with the group via Skype. Lauren helps her out meeting a new guy, but accidentally starts to flirt with one too. It was kind of fun to see some harmless flirting getting out of hand. Without seeing the new episode (or even the title or description) it’s easy to say Lauren isn’t looking forward to marrying Wyatt. I liked how in the end Mr. K showed up at the cruise and was right about the guy he picked in the first place for Yolanda to talk too. Overall not bad (because of some hilarious lines), but not great either. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Anne: “In person, King, this all works. But when I’m forced to describe you, honestly, it sounds like i’m insulting you.”
Ryan: “In the words of Harvey Specter…” [Anne: “Who?”] “From Suits. What you didn’t download all the episodes and watch them last night?”
Talia: “Oh, what are you, one of those mad men snobs? Ugh! Suits in the ’60s, that’s what that is.”
Anne: “Damn it, King. What is this, junior high? Am I gonna have to unhook her bra for you too?”
Sonia after Ryan tells Talia is interested in him and Anne: “No way! I love Obama’s America!”
George: “You should be. It’s a dark time for men. Women used to need us. Now, they got options.” Mr. K: “It’s true. We have no more value. They don’t need our strength. They don’t need us to make babies. They don’t seem to enjoy the glass ceilings we put over them anymore.” George: “Something needs to change. Manhood is under attack. We’ve become a nation of chest-shaving, magazine-reading, pilates-doing, yogurt-eaters. End it, Ryan, before we become a bunch of cosmo-drinking…”
Anne: “Yeah, that thing that you think you have with women, I actually have it.”
Ryan’s voice-over: “You don’t need every team to want you, just the right one.”


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