Arrow 1×18: Speedy love

Arrow 1x18: Salvation

Arrow 1×18: Salvation

Arrow 1×18: Salvation
No, the title isn’t about drugs. It’s the nickname for both Thea and Roy! I’m not sure what their ship name is, but I’m going to stick with Speedy. I have to admit, I really like this new couple. But maybe I’m just a sucker for the rich girl falling for the guy from the wrong side of the tracks… Whatever, this episode was filled with great stuff for Speedy and Olicity shippers, so let’s talk about that!

Thea and Roy have a make-out session going on when one of his “friends” come by for some business. When Thea discovers a gun she freaks out. Roy explains to her he has to do this stuff even if he’s got a honest job in her brother’s club, because that’s the only way to survive in the Glades. She doesn’t believe him, calls him a waste and storms out. The only thing he shouts after her, is that he wants to make sure she gets home safe… aww there is a gentleman underneath there somewhere. The next night when the business goes down, she tries to stop him. Before they know it, someone injects something in Roy’s neck and smashes Thea to the ground.

Looks like the famous kidnapper called “The Savior” got his hands on Roy. He prefers to kill his victims during a live feed – which the Starling City news likes to broadcast. Thea runs immediately to her big brother and his best friend, which is kind of smart move because her brother is also the guy in the hood who likes to eliminate Starling City bad guys. Tommy keeps an eye on Thea, while Ollie goes after The Savior. He hasn’t been successful the first two times, but Felicity has a new soundbite she doesn’t recognize. Luckily for Ollie not everyone in his team had a private chauffeur when they were young, so Diggle recognizes the sound of the abandoned subway. With the help of Felicity he tracks down the moving subway and saves Roy.

But before he saves him, he has a conversation about loneliness with the Savior. It’s a bit of a running theme through the whole episode. Diggle doesn’t even want to tell about his vendetta with Deathstroke. Which is a setup for the following episode. So more on that in the next review. But back to the lonliness theme… Ollie decides he doesn’t want to be a man on an island anymore and asks Laurel to go out sometimes. Watch out Tommy, your BFF tries to go after your girl! Maybe that isn’t his intention, but I could definitely spot some tiny sparks between them when she said yes.

But I think we probably see some Laurel and Ollie happening in the season finale, to tease everyone for the next season. So let’s talk about Olicity! Because, hello CHEMISTRY! Some people are making a big deal of her checking him out when he was working out at the beginning of the episode. But who wouldn’t?! The part I enjoyed (and spotted some chemistry) was when Felicity was really down, because a victim of the Savior died and she wasn’t able to track the right location, and Ollie comforted her. Plus he later told her if she ever needed someone to talk to that she could talk to him. Awww, right?!

Before I forget, the Lance family is in search for Sarah. Laurel doesn’t believe her sister is still alive, but her parents don’t want to give up hope yet. It even seems that they reunite because of the search for their daughter. When Laurel finds the girl in the photo, her mother breaks down in tears and admits she talked to Sarah right before she left, but didn’t stop her. Poor Laurel, who found out her mother knew all along about Ollie cheating on her with her sister.

Another sad part this episode was Malcolm closing in on Moira, so she had to give up her friend to save herself. She tried to warn him, but Malcolm showed up as the Dark Archer and killed him. This really hit home, because Moira had a big breakdown in her car after the Dark Archer left. I actually felt sorry for her. Some terrific acting by Susanna Thompson! Well done. Talking about their dark Undertaking plans: the weird logo which is in Ollie’s notebook matches the map of Starling City’s underground… to be continued!

Wow! A lot of stuff – great stuff – happened this episode. I even liked the island storyline, which properly introduced Shado. This show is super addictive and gets better every week. Well done! – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Felicity: “You probably saw that they were very happy to see each other, if you know what I mean. Which you probably don’t want to talk about, because she’s your baby sister.”
Laurel: “Bad boys. Hook you every time.”
Thea: “I’m sort of dating this guy who would definitely be described as a bad boy. And I figured, as someone who’s dated like a gajillion of them…”
Roy when Thea asks why he has a gun: “Because I’m no good with knives.”


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