New Girl 2×20: Stand by me

New Girl 2x20: Chicago

New Girl 2×20: Chicago

New Girl 2×20: Chicago
Another serious episode of New Girl. Although it started of very light and funny. When you are twentysomething and don’t really want to be a grown-up for a second, a balloon can make you very happy. It made the situation with Nick telling them that his dad just died kind of weird, but still they were super sweet by doing a big group hug.

Although I didn’t really care about Nick’s dad dying, because the previous episode he appeared in this season was one of my least favorites, this episode centered around his funeral was great. Okay, it’s weird to say that about a funeral, but it was more about being there for your loved ones and dealing with death in general. Which was nicely done.

One of the super funny moments was Winston and Schmidt practicing sitting next to the coffin. Max Greenfield already made me laugh when he said “beautiful black butterfly”, it’s just so Schmidty to say that. It was nice to see Schmidt conquering his fears, while Winston completely broke down in tears when he saw the dead body. Although it was a bit exaggerated, I think it was in a way a realistic development. The person who keeps everything in check at a funeral is always the last one to have a breakdown. And if you didn’t notice it already: I’m really digging the Schmidt and Winston bromance. Please give us more Schmidston, writers!

Let’s focus on Nick and Jess, because Jess is really there for Nick this episode (although his mom only likes Winnie and fat Schmidt). We also got to know a new side of Nick, his responsible side. It’s actually kind of funny, because we only know him as the guy who can’t get his life together, but at home he really had to step up because his dad was useless. Of course Nick messes up, because he doesn’t get the chance to deal with his father’s death. But luckily Jess steps up to fulfill everyone’s wish to have an Elvis funeral. We already know Zooey has a great voice, but it was fun to see her imitate Elvis. The best part was of course that she promised Nick to have his back and following through on that promise by holding his hand when the eulogy became a little bit too much for him. Awww! Yes, you might not have thought this would be a great and typical New Girl episode beforehand, but it definitely was. – 8,5/9

This week’s favorite quote
Schmidt: “Don’t laugh when they call him responsible. They don’t know why that’s hilarious.”
Winston: “Schmidt, I need to breathe, okay? Because I’m coaching you, and also for regular life reasons.”
Schmidt: “You left us too soon, you beautiful black butterfly.” [Winston: “Start over.”] “You know, when we first met, I thought that we would be rivals. For Nick’s attention, for who wore Easter colors best. And then rivalry became friendship. We’ve laughed, we’ve swum. You cut my toenails. Are you the brother that I never had? No, you’re the brother that I’ve always had.”
Jess: “I have your back. No matter what, no matter how stupid it gets, and you and I both know it can get really, really stupid.” [Nick: “I am the stupidest of all the stupid boys.”] “No. I’m gonna be there, and I’m gonna hold your hand. And I wanted to tell you that last night, but you ran away.”


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