Nashville 1×15: Searching for a former clarity

Nashville 1x15: When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

Nashville 1×15: When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

Nashville 1×15: When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts
Everyone in Nashville is dealing with the latest life changing events in their lives. Rayna and Teddy are taking turns at living in the house and taking care of the children. She’s also working on scouting two acts for her new label. Her kids, mostly Maddie, are trying to deal with their parents divorce. Deacon tries to move on from Rayna for real this time. Juliette is promoting her new record and doing therapy with her mom while having her mother’s addiction counselor Dante hanging around the house. Gunnar is dealing with the lose of his brother and shuts out Scarlett in the process. They also have a audition for Rayna’s label coming up. Her ex Avery is trying to get rid of his record deal, when he learns they want him to do dubstep. He even burns the masters. Also Teddy is dealing with some mayor business and forming a team to defeat Lamar.

Let’s start talking about Teddy, who provides the most boring storyline on the show. I’m sorry, I can just care less about a stadium and some backstabbing politics. If they want to cut this particular storyline (or characters) next season, I won’t be sorry about it. Teddy can be so devious. Sometimes he looks like a good guy, but other times he is just an asshole. I appreciated that he brought Coleman on his team though.

Seeing Avery break free of his awful record deal was kind of fun. It felt liberating for him, but I think it’s also liberating for the character and it’s place in the show. Avery was becoming a bit of an island and I would like to see him interact more with the other characters. I also have a feeling he will be the second act on Rayna’s label. It would restart the Gunnar-Scarlett-Avery love triangle, which would be kind of nice since Gunnar is acting like an ass. Of course I get it, he should mourn his brother. But seeing him act out like that just looked a little over the top. It was a little bit too obvious that it was used to create another obstacle for Gunnar and Scarlett relationship, which is her own personal record deal. I really enjoyed the scene though where she had to sing for Rayna and Rayna imagined the rest of the music around Scarlett’s voice and her banjo. Good job on the editing! Plus Gunnar’s breakdown made Deacon step up in a great way. The scene in the parking lot gave me goosebumps. Great job by Charles Esten!

Deacon had a lot to do this episode. He was there for Juliette at her not-so-secret showcase and rushed Maggie to the hospital when she got hurt. In the meantime he ran into a nice new vet (who was Jenny and Dan’s mom on Gossip Girl!) and he made me laugh when he sang Juliette’s worst song “Boys and Buses” to his dog. Although his version is much cooler than the original. Deacon is in for a big change, I think. He is getting more responsible every second and there are tiny things which points to the elephant in the room: he being Maddie’s biological father. I don’t think the line “she’s like family” was a coincidence. It’s going to be interesting to see Deacon deal with that fact when it comes to light. Plus did anyone notice that Teddy looked a bit jealous when Deacon appeared in the hospital? It was so stupid, he should be thankful that Deacon rushed his daughter to the hospital when he clearly failed on his fatherly duties.

Rayna is a bit of mess these days. Her struggle with Teddy makes me kind of sad. It’s shows how far the have fallen out of love with all the bickering that’s going on. Maddie is just acting out like any teenager would do, but I liked how she and Rayna reconnected at the end when Rayna gave Maddie her first guitar, which is also a family heirloom. Hopefully Rayna bounces back a little this upcoming episodes, so she’ll look less lost.

Talking about being a mess: Juliette. The therapy isn’t really working out just yet. Although she is trying. I’m a bit scared they are going to mess this storyline up by making it about the tension between Dante and Juliette. Seeing her reconnect with her mom is just far more interesting than seeing Juliette hook up with the millionth guy this season. I loved her new song by the way. Although it was a little bit irresponsible to tweet about her showcase, but don’t they have bouncers to do a head count?! I think it was a personal victory for her to see her fans enjoy her new work. But girl, please get a manager! – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Coleman: “You ain’t just hooked on booze and pills. You strung out on Rayna Jaymes.”
Deacon: “I know what you’re feeling, man, ’cause I’ve felt it, and I hung on to it for years and years. I wouldn’t let it go, and it made me dark, and it made me lose anything I ever cared about. Made me lose the only woman I ever loved. There ain’t nothing for you inside there, Gunnar. Let it go, man. It is some dark crap, and there’s nothing there for you. You wanna hang on to something? Hang on to her.”


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