The Mindy Project 1×16: Like a summer camp love

The Mindy Project 1x16: The One That Got Away

The Mindy Project 1×16: The One That Got Away

The Mindy Project 1×16: The One That Got Away
You know those days that start out just like a romantic comedy? No, me neither.
But Mindy can say otherwise. Strolling around the streets of facebook, Mindy notices how her old summer camp love (Seth Ro…I mean Sam) likes her hot dog picture. That seems about enough reason to reunite on a date. As Sam picks her up from work, he tells about his ARMY t-shirt and the reason why he’s wearing it. (Surprisingly, it’s because he’s in the army.) The two of them go on that date I just wrote about, which goes, well… just about perfect. Unexpectedly, Rogen and Kaling have great chemistry together. Nothing like Danny-Mindy-chemistry, but still… it was nice to see them bond over weird jokes and self-checkout machines. The short flashback to summer camp was cute and little Mindy and Sam were well casted. Anyway, back to the date. Right as it is about to end, Sam announces he has to go back to Afghanistan for 18 months, and soon. Like really soon. Basically like tomorrow soon. For a second, Mindy decides she doesn’t want to wait that long for a guy after spending just a day. No matter how great he is. It’s her co-workers who convince her she’s crazy to let him go, and so she goes back to him to spend as much time as they have together. It goes wonderfully (they hook up), but then Sam falls out of a window (yeah, it’s a long story) and ends up in the emergency room. Mindy hopes Sam has to stay longer because of this, but unfortunately for her it’s just a small sprain. Right about when Mindy considers plans involving narcotic drugs, Sam announces he doesn’t just have to go back, but he wants to. Because he loves his job. He leaves Mindy a letter and departs. Sigh, life is like a romcom movie after all.

In between, two patients want Danny as their sperm donor. He says yes right away, but quickly starts doubting his decision. Mindy eventually helps him to get out of it by pointing out to the patients how many bad habits Danny has. His fear of Game of Thrones is one of them, as him being a selfish lover. Psshh, suggesting Danny and Mindy hooked up. That is just plain mean. And then there’s the end, when Danny shows how well he knows Mindy and her vending machine preferences. Oh writers you are torturing us. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
– Mindy: “Guys, today someone from my past is taking me out to lunch” Danny: “Who, your uncle?” Mindy: “Yes Danny I’m wearing this really cool outfit for my uncle in Denver.”
– Danny: “You wanna date a thirteen year old?” Mindy: “I don’t wanna date a thirteen year old.” Danny: “It could work, you’d like the same music.”
– Danny: “This soldier doesn’t fit into your Sex and the City find-a-husband scheme, so he’s worthless to you now?” Mindy: “Danny, sometimes I feel like you’ve never even seen Sex and the City.” Danny: “I’ve seen an episode. All four of them were…walking down the street.”
– Morgan: “I’m just sayin, the name Morgan works for boys or for girls. Better for girls.”
– Sam’s voice-over as Mindy is reading his letter: “Hey, first of all, I never thanked you properly for the sex. It’ll get me through many sandy cold nights. Look I’m sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye for real, but actually it’s better because I feel that you might have started crying and that would have made me cry and nobody wants to see a guy in the army cry, cause it’s just, it’s bad for our nation honestly. After I searched my bag for narcotics, I watched your surgery. It was so cool, I could tell you were doing exactly what you always wanted. It’s the exact look I get when I bring clean drinking water to a village. Cause people shockingly love clean drinking water. So I hope you can understand, you know, why I have to go back. I know we only spent a day together, but as Meg Ryan said in You’ve Got Mail: ‘All this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings’. In closing I would just like to ask you, never to reveal to anyone that I, A watched You’ve Got Mail, or B remembered it to the point that I can quote it in a letter. I would really appreciate that. And hey, may we all see ya next summer. Your friend, Sam.”
– Danny: “You’re gonna cry, you want me to leave?” Mindy: “No, but it’s weird that your first instinct, when a woman is crying, is to abandon her.”


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