The Carrie Diaries 1×12: That awkward moment when you forget to say I love you too

The Carrie Diaries 1x12: First Time For Everything

The Carrie Diaries 1×12: First Time For Everything

The Carrie Diaries 1×12: First Time For Everything
Three words, eight letters. Sometimes they are impossible to say (back) to someone. You might stick with “Thank you” (Ryan Atwood’s famous response in The O.C.), but you can also blurt something out about doing the nasty like Carrie did. Although would you say I love you to someone when they are rambling on about pink?! Well Sebastian did it and Carrie was freaking out about saying it back to him for the rest of the episode. She missed every window of opportunity to do it, because the moment had to be perfect. Know one thing about life, dear readers, it’s never going to be completely perfect (and Carrie Bradshaw learned it the hard way).

She had the evening completely planned out: go to an exclusive party which launches Madonna’s Virgin Tour, stay the night at a hotel in the city with Sebastian, have sex with him and say I love you. Can’t go wrong right?! Well the first problem arises when Sebastian isn’t on the VIP list. Of course it’s super adorable how Carrie convinces a big guy to borrow his wristband for a second, but Sebastian doesn’t hear that. He only hears Carrie rambling on about being sorry that this isn’t the night she had in mind. Right at the moment she promises to spend more with him and ramble a little less, Bennet asks for a work favor which could mean her first byline in Interview Magazine! It really is super exciting, but let’s not forget Carrie is way ahead of her peers who are really into making out, letterman jackets and holding hands. Well you can’t have it all and Carrie’s bubble burst when she and Sebastian leave the party. They start fighting and break up. Somewhere along the line I think Sebastian has a point, but breaking up is just a little bit too drastic. Poof, there goes Carrie’s perfect night. By the way great job from the crew on putting so many Madonna songs on this episode and actually creating a storyline around one of her biggest hits.

Back in the suburbs her dad is busy doing the lady friend (Deb) he picked up last week. Sorry, I’m not really interested in Tom’s personal life. But well done for sticking with the same gal for one week. Dorrit and Miller (yes, the cute guy from the record store has a name) are moving forward. He gives her awesome literature to read and she thinks about giving up her V-card to him. She might be moving fast, but I think it fits her character. She might even beat Carrie to it, just because Carrie thinks too much and forget to act sometimes. I’m not really worried about what losing her V-card is going to mean to Dorrit. The only thing I wonder about (okay, maybe two) is if these two are really in love with each other or if he is playing her. That would be a much bigger problem for Dorrit, I think. The other thing is that Miller supposed to be a college dude who didn’t go to college, but he has such a babyface! Sebastian looks older than him sometimes. By the way I really enjoyed Dorrit’s run-in with Donna at the diner. A lot of comedy in that particular scene!

Talking about a new couple hooking up: Mouse and West. It was inevitable and they were actually kind of cute together this episode. I hope they can skip the backstabbing for the first place in their class. Because they could make a cute steady couple. No Maggie again this week. Nevertheless this was an interesting episode and I can’t wait to see what happens next. It will be the season finale! *gasp* I already have my fingers crossed that The CW won’t kill this show after it’s first season. In the meantime I’m hoping for another Bennet and Walt kiss (yes, I’m aiming high for that particular ship), Carrie rocking the prom and Dorrit being Dorrit. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
Carrie talking about Dorrit’s make-over and disappeared raccoon make-up: “Good. Because as much as I like seeing you not look like the handmaiden of Death, he should like you for who you are, not for who he wants you to be.” Dorrit: “No offense, Miss goody-two-shoes, but i’m not taking advice from a person who took, like, 47 years to kiss a guy.”
Donna to Dorrit: “And be safe. We don’t need any more curly haired crazies running around this town.”
Sebastian: “God, you just can’t let anything be real, can you?”
Carrie: “He’s got big wrists. Big, terrifying wrists, ones that could snap me like a twig.” Bennet: “Yeah, i think he uses them to strangle bears. Carrie, may Madonna be with you.”
Donna: “Well color me interested. A book about sex and an outfit that doesn’t scream ‘Hate me.’ Does little Bradshaw have a man?”
Bennet: “Well, let’s see. I’d say seduce a bouncer like Floyd over there, but you’re not really Floyd’s type… you know, male.” Carrie: “Also, I’m kinda taken.” Bennet: “You’re so cute with your morals.”


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