The Vampire Diaries 4×18: Doppelgänger trouble

The Vampire Diaries 4x18: American Gothic

The Vampire Diaries 4×18: American Gothic

The Vampire Diaries 4×18: American Gothic
Elijah is back! He’s the gentleman of the Originals, well spoken and super classy. It’s so good to have Daniel Gillies back on the show. But I’m moving way to fast, let’s start at the beginning. Rebekah and Elena are roadtripping through the States to track down Katherine. Their current location: Willoughby. Apparently Katherine is living the good life in a small town. It’s great to see the Salvatore brothers bond and bicker again. It even makes Stefan funny.

The girls are checking out the town and get some interesting information when one of the compelled citizens mistakes Elena for Katherine. Doppelgänger advantage. When they catch up with Katherine, or more the other way around, Elena almost get killed but she had another advantage: a Original gal pal (for the moment). It still amazes me, these actors are actually in their twenties, but I really believe their characters have walked around the earth for centuries (and hold grudges for at least a couple of decades). Rebekah bullying Katherine in the diner was kind of fun to watch and shows the invincible status of the Originals compared to an normal vampire. Although Katherine still knows how to hurt Rebekah’s feelings with a few words. Which is just typical Katherine, in my opinion.

The big plan is that Elena will pretend to be Katherine and go to the meeting she has planned. Little did she know that she has a meeting with the guy who have known her for centuries. Uhm, skip the know part, he is of course in love with her. It’s Elijah! I really enjoy Elijah’s and Elena’s conversations. He is always very careful with his words and Elena sans humanity just blurts out the truth these days (mostly about guys being idiots and hoping the doppelgängers will return to their old self one day). Elena showed at the end of the episode by killing a waitress that’s not going to happen. Earlier that day she proved to Elijah Katherine has been keeping stuff from him (like killing Jeremy). Although Elijah claims Katherine and he have mutual interest when it comes to the cure and Klaus, he wasn’t amused by this revelation. Katherine tries everything to win his trust back and claims in the final moments of the episode that she loves him and that she is willing to change or at least search for her former self when they met for the first time. It was kind of sweet actually, so I hope for Elijah Katherine will keep her word but I don’t think it’s going to happen. The talk between brother and sister was nice too. Plus introducing Elijah to Klaus as a complication was kind of funny. The most hilarious moment of the episode was of course Damon, Stefan and Rebekah finding out Elijah was Katherine’s “friend friend”. The “ughs” and disgusted faces, priceless!

I think I get why Damon didn’t try to stop Rebekah from taking the cure. I don’t want Elena to turn human again either, I just want her humanity switch back on and without the drama mode she is constantly in. Also minus a sire bond please, which has been a pain in the ass this season. I hope Stefan realizes that too and is able to accept the fact Elena is a vampire now. It would suck if the Salvatore brothers double cross each other again. By the way wasn’t it great to still see a difference between Elena sans humanity and Katherine? Nina Dobrev does an excellent job on portraying these characters!

Back in Mystic Falls Klaus was dealing with his white oak stake attack from Silas. Apparently Silas literally drives him crazy and make him see visions of Caroline. I freaked out for a moment that the promo pictures where one big tease about Caroline and a shirtless Klaus in one room. So it’s was kind of a relief that he phone stalked her and she actually showed up. It was good Caroline sticked up for herself (and also made fun of Klaus having a heart). Although it felt like the writers wanted to remind the Klaroline shippers that he might have saved her twice, but he put her in harms way twice. Yes, I know he is bad but wow the chemistry when they were shouting at each other… it’s undeniable. I think that’s what saved Klaus, because there was hope for a second she might feel something for him, when she admitted she should have turned her back on him ages ago. Just give us one kiss before Klaus moves to New Orleans permanently, dear writers. It could be like Gilmore Girls Jess who blurted out he loved Rory and then skipped town for good. I think the Klaroline shippers can live with that. There is always fan fiction to create an happily ever after. – 8,5/9

This week’s favorite quote
Damon: “Believe me, I learned my lesson. Elena without humanity is a stone cold bitch. And I won’t trust her until we get the old Elena back.”
Rebekah about Elena trying to imitate Katherine: “Oh, perfect. Just the right level of contempt and hidden insecurity.”
Damon’s response when Stefan asks why he changed his mind about Elena being a vampire: “That guy got his neck snapped in New York and this guy is royally pissed off.”
Caroline to Klaus: “Oh, my god. You do have a heart. Oh, my bad. It’s just a bloody rib.”
Damon: “Sorry. It’s Rebekah. I didn’t have a pony to distract her, Stefan.”
Elena: “‘Your compassion is a gift, Elena. Carry it with you always and forever.’ I remember reading that in a letter once.” Elijah: “Well, the writer sounds positively gifted. I’m sure he meant what he wrote.”
Damon after he first suggested to get Sheriff Forbes some mini muffins for helping to track down his precious car: “Screw the muffins. I’ll get her champagne if Elena is wherever it may be.”


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