New Girl 2×21: Pssst the happening happened

New Girl 2x21: First Date

New Girl 2×21: First Date

New Girl 2×21: First Date
After the weirdest boob graze ever, Nick decides to ask Jess out on a date. If he only was able to use his words when he asked her out so she would have known this was a date… he even goes to Schmidt for clothing advice and Winston shaves his beard! Yes dear readers, Nick is really trying and I have to admit he cleans up nice. But Jess missed the date memo and thinks they were going to hang out at the hotdog stand as friends. She catches on quickly when Nick shows up in a suit, but when she asks about it Nick freaks out again.

They run in to the only man they both ever loved (Nick’s words, not mine) Russell and his new girlfriend. When I read about Dermot Mulroney’s return to New Girl in some spoilers a while back, I expected a rekindle love not what actually went down during the episode. Russell comments on the couple finally giving in and they spend the rest of the night trying to contradict Russell. First they skip the dinner and have drinks at the bar (which was actually the most datey moment of the date and they looked really cute together) but when they claim their table back to go on an actual date it gets messy. When Russell dares them to write down what is going on between them it gets even worse. Because they don’t know at all what is going on between them. Unfortunately they (and we) are never going to know what they wrote down, but it kind of sucks it lead to them not trying at all. In a way it a good thing they don’t try so hard anymore, because that only created a disaster, but I hope the writers gets this pair together before the season finale. The tension when they both walked back to their separate rooms was killing me!

Before I continue to talk about Schmidt and Winston this episode, I just want to say I really enjoyed the jaywalking bit. Okay, it was childish to repeat it several times, but it lightened the relationship troubles a bit up. Now back to Schmidt and Winston who realized Nick was going on a date with Jess. They are freaking out Nick might leave them and we saw a short flashback about what happened in college when Nick left the room for a second. Seeing Winston in his college years was so funny. His outfit and hairdo: OMG!

It was so nice to see Schmidston back in action again. They needed their arc this episode to realize what great friends they have become. I think we’ve all been there when your mutual friend walks out and you are stuck with the other person you don’t know at all. I also appreciated the continuity of Winston not being able to think of normal pranks (I know I wasn’t a fan of that, because they are a bit over the top, but I have to hand it to the writers that they decided to stick with it). His worst date experience was super crazy: a homeless guy singing Father Figure. They decide to bribe Outside Dave to sing at Nick and Jess date, but things go wrong when Outside Dave takes over the bathroom in the loft. The rest of the events where crazy, but mostly super funny. Schmidt getting his leg shaved by a homeless guy, Winston trying to catch Schmidt and even after letting him fall Schmidt claims Winston saved his life. I am just adoring this bromance! I’m so happy this show got renewed for a third season. They really beat the sophomore slump they were going through in the first half of the second season. – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Schmidt: “Are you asking me if I’ll help you pick out clothing so you can seduce a woman?” [Nick: “I was.”] “I don’t know. It’s only all I’ve been wanting for the past ten years, Nick.”
Jess: “Nothing’s happening because I was never told it was happening, so if a happening happens and you don’t know that it happened, did it happen? You know.”
Schmidt when Winston asks him if he is alright: “Well, I don’t know. You break that whole thing down, there was a homeless man was just shaving my leg.”
When Nick imitates Jess with “How do you restart the Internet?” Jess says: “That’s just me suffering through life.”
Schmidt: “Oh, you can’t outrun the Jewish.”
Jess: “Why are you wearing a suit? Did you just apply for a loan or something?”
Schmidt: “Okay, now, here’s some things you want to hide about yourself on tonight’s date, okay? That you’re cheap, you’re a heavy drinker, you’re broke and you have a problem with anger.”


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