Arrow 1×19: Faith, trust and Vertigo 2.0

Arrow 1x19: Unfinished Business

Arrow 1×19: Unfinished Business

Arrow 1×19: Unfinished Business
Another very enjoyable Vertigo episode of Arrow. Plus the island storyline gets even more interesting! Arrow is on a winning strike besides some small errors this episode.

A girl dies after a night of partying at Verdant with Vertigo in her system. Immediately Quentin and Ollie go after The Count, but he is as instable as ever down at the mental institute. That’s when Quentin focus on the club and it’s owners: Tommy and Ollie. Seems that some money went missing to bribe a guy. Tommy actually did that to avoid someone finding Ollie’s man cave, but Ollie’s first instinct was to distrust Tommy. I know it’s mean to not hear him out first, but I don’t really sympathize with Tommy’s character (I really don’t get what Laurel sees in him). The writers send out confusing messages to the viewers. Last week Tommy was totally fine with Ollie being The Hood and saving the day, but this week he hates him for it. Plus he acts like Ollie’s distrust is completely ridiculous, when Tommy only started to change his behavior when his trust fund was taken away from him not so long ago. And being away from society kind of does a number on you. Although I don’t want to act that Ollie is completely innocent, because he could have acted like a grown up and talked about why Tommy bribed someone and explain that you have to do a little bit more bad stuff before you get an arrow. I think Tommy’s reaction was too drastic. Him applying for a job at his father’s company was just way too much. I think it’s inevitable Tommy will spill Ollie’s secret soon. Of course it will bring more excitement to the show, but I wish Tommy’s character have been better written before he comes the traitor.

The Vertigo mystery was a little bit easy to solve this week. There was some sloppy editing when Quentin entered the mental facility for the first time, because the camera focused a little bit too much on one of the nurses. Although I think the wrap up of this storyline with Ollie in danger and Diggle showing up to stand by his side was nicely done. Also Ollie deciding to spare The Count, because he was completely harmless was a great development for the character. Ollie can be more than a ruthless killer and I think it’s good that he stays in touch with his humanity a little bit more when he turns into The Hood. By the way, yet again a great job by Seth Gabel. The part when he rambles on about dead while having a arrow infront of his face really showed his crazy side. I was completely convinced of him being completely cray cray (and in that way also completely harmless for eternity).

Before Diggle helped out Ollie, they seemed to have drifted apart a little bit because of Diggle personal vendetta. It was kind of sad to see he isn’t able to move forward with Carly because Deadshot is still out there. I’m glad Ollie decided to help Diggle defeat Deadshot, because I think he is going to need all the help he can get.

Another interesting part of the episode was the island adventure. If you read my reviews regularly, you know I haven’t been a real fan of them. But I really like the new addition to the island team: Shado. This episode we see Ollie touch a bow for the first time, which means we are getting closer to his transformation as The Hood. The new character Shado also brings along some interesting stories about Fyers and her father. The slapping water myth was funny and interesting at the same time. Quentin also seemed a little less like the bad guy this week. I really enjoyed his conversation with Laurel. – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Felicity: “My only experience with drugs was an encounter with a pot brownie my freshman year by mistake. Which could have been fun, except I’m allergic to nuts.”
Ollie: “We’re almost out of slapping water.”
Tommy: “I try not to hire too many drug dealers.”
Quentin: “Guess I owe your boyfriend an apology.” Laurel: “He has a name, you know.” Quentin: “Yeah, I just can’t seem to bring myself to use it. Baby steps.”


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