Nashville 1×16: Showstopper

Nashville 1x16: I Saw the Light

Nashville 1×16: I Saw the Light

Nashville 1×16: I Saw the Light
Welcome to the O.C., bitch! Wait, what?! Sorry that’s a different show people… but welcome to Nashville, Chris Carmack! While I’m still trying to erase the image of his character Luke doing Julie Cooper after deflowering her daughter Marissa back in his O.C. days, Chris current character Will is getting to know his new neighbors Scarlett and Gunnar. I hate to break it to you shippers, but I have a feeling he is interested in Scarlett and not just because she has a record deal ready to be signed. I’m not really sure what to think of this character just yet. I just really have to get used to him singing country songs, wearing a cowboy hat and everything…

Let’s focus on the interesting stuff. Scarlett’s individual record deal secret is out. Gunnar, still clearly working through some issues about his brother’s death, isn’t too happy about it. It’s a bit vague which part (not telling him, not being part of the deal etc.) but the couple has has a lot to deal with since they started sharing their sheets (and I’m not talking about their music sheets). I don’t really understand why Scarlett hasn’t talked to Rayna personally (she could reach her via Watty or Deacon), that could have opened a door or two to get Gunnar included, right? Nevertheless I’m glad they made up in the end and Gunnar promised he wouldn’t be like Avery. Talking about Avery, after burning his masters last week, he has back at the bottom of the food chain. He busking on the street and doing open mic nights. Although he has been an ass in the past, I felt a bit sorry for him. It was nice of his former bandmate to give him the roadie job. I think it’s a nice development Avery gets the chance to interact more with the other characters on the show.

The rest of the musicians are back on tour again. Which was actually a nice change of pace. Rayna seemed a lot happier and I actually start to like her sister Tandy. Her little girls are still obsessed with Juliette, which was fun to watch, because even Juliette was nice to them. Of course the highlight of the episode was Daphne and Maddie’s moment on stage during soundcheck performing Ho Hey. The joy on the faces of those two girls while performing is incredibly sincere. They are just super adorable!

While Rayna had to deal with her girls she also had to deal with Deacon bringing along his girlfriend. She was a bit weary in the beginning, but I think it was the right decision of the writers to have her accept Stacey and not to make her the jealous ex. It was kind of funny Deacon didn’t realize it would be awkward for Stacey to run in to the girls he used to date. I like that Deacon is settling in more, although he probably is hiding his feelings for Rayna by being nonstop with Stacey. His other ex is working on getting her career back together. She is headed in the right direction for a few seconds this episode, when she took control of her big business deal but lost her way again when she decides to hook up with Dante. Does she really need to sleep with every guy who spends a few minutes in the same room as her?! Ugh, I hate this pairing already. Although it was sweet of Juliette to dedicate a song to her mother.

Teddy showed this episode he is even a bigger sleazebag than I thought. After Rayna asked him to keep his special project Peggy out of their family home, he still invites her over, ugh. I’m glad Lamar caught her there, but it sucks he decides to use Peggy’s secret to get his stadium and doesn’t stand up for his daughter. But the bad guy always get what he has coming, in case of an older bad guy it a heart attack most of the time. In the final seconds of the episode Lamar as a stroke, but I don’t think that we have seen the last of him, because that would get Peggy off the hook just a little bit too easy. – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Juliette while meditating: “I’m zen. I am positive. I’m really pissed off!”


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