Modern Family 4×18: Calling a guy (or a girl)

Modern Family 4x18: The Wow Factor

Modern Family 4×18: The Wow Factor

Modern Family 4×18: The Wow Factor
Cam and Claire are working on the house they are going to flip, but their teamwork isn’t really great. Cam exaggerates his wishes to actually get what he wants and Claire throws in ridiculous numbers to get Cam to do what she wants. When they have a conflict about the yard and adding a wow factor (a crazy fountain), Cam brings in an objective party: lesbian construction worker Pam. She seems to be on Claire’s side (although Claire played to her personal strengths), but when Cam shows them the fountain they both are convinced. Unfortunately a few gold fish were killed in the process… I thought it was a very funny storyline. Claire and Cam both got to do what they are best at: in Claire’s case boss people around and in Cam’s case being dramatic (and I say this as something positive, because both actors really delivered).

Phil tries to learn his girls something about maintenance around the house, after he finds out his girls aren’t as independent as they should be. It was actually kind of funny that Phil had to “call a guy” to fix the problem he created himself after girls told him several times they would just call somebody if they run into that problem. I liked Phil’s conclusion that this would be a great way to still be there as a father figure for his girls in the future. It sometimes better to stick with what you know than try to learn everything.

Mitchell is also trying to help out his daughter, because there is a big bully at her school who doesn’t let other kids play handball. Of course Mitchell still isn’t great at sports and fails miserably to defeat the kid at his own game. He goes to Luke for some tips and challenges the kid later in the episode. We don’t see Mitchell succeed at a sport that often (let’s say never), but he took his winning streak a bit overboard. It was so much fun to watch. Seeing Lily say to the camera “we got a letter” and the dismissive looks Mitch and she exchanged afterwards was hilarious. I thought it wasn’t possible for this storyline to become any funnier, but they really hit it home in the final minute of the episode showing us how Luke trained Mitchell. “You’re never off the court!” says enough I think.

At the Pritchett home Gloria tries to reconnect with Manny after neglecting him a little bit because of baby Joe. Jay decides to take Joe for a day, but hates the activity Gloria has planned out for them (Joe’s baby class). He ditches the class when Joe finally sleeps and decides to go the cinema (and bond over James Bond) where he runs into Claire’s old friend. She takes Joe when he starts crying out of the cinema, but when Gloria spots a strange woman with her baby she gets furious and hits Jay with her bag (like only a woman can do). Seems that Gloria isn’t so innocent as she claims to be, because she ditches the play Manny wanted to go to because she didn’t like that activity. She tries to save herself by claiming she doesn’t understand English “goodly”, but that card won’t work on Jay and Manny. Although this was my least favorite storyline of the episode, it was still a lot of fun to watch. The final shot of their storyline where Jay was reading to the kids and using a sock puppet to tell the story, was really endearing. – 8,5/9

This week’s favorite quote
Phil’s dad: “Are we gonna do that thing again where you try on different outfits like in Pretty Woman?”
Jay about baby Joe: “Or he took a page from the Jay Pritchett playbook. Saw the crap he was in for and pretended to be asleep.”
Phil: “But if it happens to you, what do you do?” Haley: “Call a guy.” Alex: “Or a girl.” Haley: “Oh, my God, we’re literally in a closet and you just said that.”
Lily: “But, daddy, he’s really good.” Mitchell: “Well, I’m really good, too.” Lily: “But it’s a sport.”
Alex: “What converts this conversation into over?”
Gloria: “This is not my first language. I don’t understand English very goodly.”
Mitchell: “I see you spent a lot more time on the court than you did in the classroom, so clearly, I’ve come to the right place.”
Luke: “You’re never off the court!”


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