Elementary 1×19: A blizzard, old school detective work and Clyde

Elementary 1x19: Snow Angels

Elementary 1×19: Snow Angels

Elementary 1×19: Snow Angels
Yes, the tortoise was back! I’m totally digging this kind of consistency. The writers can call the team Holmes, Watson and Clyde if they feel like it, in my opinion. Seeing the turtle walking between all the locks with a red cross on his back, was a pretty shot but also shows how crazy Holmes can be sometimes.

But let’s start from the beginning: there is a blizzard coming to New York City. Sherlock gets called in for a robbery went wrong, but doesn’t really want to work the case because it’s to simple. When the power is cut off by the upcoming storm, things get a lot more interesting and Holmes and Watson decide to take the case. It was nice to see Holmes and Watson working without electronics (besides one quick Instagram break), because they only had their deductive skills and common knowledge to solve this problem. It was also kind of fun to see Holmes commandeer the plow truck which Pam was driving. I enjoyed Holmes and Watson’s bickering this episode. It wasn’t just bickering but they were also talking about some stuff underneath the surface. I liked the parallel Sherlock suggested between Watson’s situation a while back and Miss Hudson who fled to the brownstone because of a broken heart. I think he had a point, although Joan likes to help people in general. Holmes as an interesting group of acquaintances, so I hope we keep meeting more new (but also old) characters in the future.

The case itself was okay but became interesting because of the setting. I even thought Pam had something to do with it along the way. The solving part was more entertaining, because of the turtle, who later became a stapler and the NYPD doing a con to catch the bad guy among the law enforcement. Although I enjoyed the episode in general, I think it didn’t do much – or actually nothing – for the bigger storylines of the show. Nevertheless I look forward to see the new episodes. Especially when Irene Adler enters the picture (and hopefully Moriarty). – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Sherlock Holmes: “Well, if I have to solve this in the Stone Age, I suppose it might be interesting after all.”
Sherlock Holmes: “The advisory is for citizens. We are not citizens. We’re detectives.”
Sherlock Holmes about Clyde having a red cross on his back: “I’m not trying to create a visual pun.”
Joan Watson talking about Holmes to Pam: “He gets carsick like a six-year-old.”
Sherlock Holmes: “In this day and age a landline is like an appendix or a vestigial tail.”
Sherlock Holmes: “Come on, rise and shine. Got to get going.” Joan Watson: “There’s a blizzard.” Sherlock Holmes: “Yeah, you should put on layers. Now, come on, please, time to get dressed.” Joan Watson: “It’s not exactly gonna happen with an audience.”


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