Go On 1×21: It’s not you, it’s me

Go On 1x21: Fast Breakup

Go On 1×21: Fast Breakup

Go On 1×21: Fast Breakup
It’s fan appreciation night at K-Bal and Ryan has some problems with their mascot (a gigant basketball). This episode also marks Lauren’s bachelorette party for the wedding she doesn’t want to have. Steven is even worried about the vibe he and Lauren had at Mr. K’s dinner party. I wouldn’t have mind if there were some sparks this episode. Although the de-sexify bit was hilarious enough on it’s own.

Lauren tried ridiculous demands like Wyatt changing his last name instead of changing her own last name to get out of the upcoming marriage. But she couldn’t cut him loose. Luckily Ryan has some problems on the same front. Carrie drunk dialed him after the K-Bal party and professed her love for him. Awkward! Besides the age difference, being co-workers doesn’t help either. He uses the mascot costume to sneak out and finally experiences what everyone (including the person inside) likes about the costume. By the way, he first thought it was Lauren who called him, so that’s how they got talking about their problems. They knew the exact answer to blow the other person off without too much collateral damage, so decide to switch places when it comes to the “break-up”.

In the meantime the bachelorette party is still happening and Lauren has to keep her facade going for the rest of the group, because they think of her as an inspiration. Hilarious side note: Mr. K crashes the party and even wears a thong. Luckily for us the only guy who loses his clothes is a stripper who wears a veil over his private parts. In the end Ryan didn’t came through and even fast forwarded the wedding to the next day. Which mean Lauren had to come clean to the group and Wyatt. Poor guy, but it wasn’t meant to be. To cheer Lauren up, Ryan decides to give her the chance to go crazy in the K-Bal costume. Let’s not forget about Carrie. She kisses Ryan and resigns, leaving the next move to him. Please, can this show get a second season?! I love my weekly weirdo doses and would like to see some relationships/friendships develop even more. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Mr. K: “I never get to say this, but who are all these weirdos?”
Carrie’s advice when it comes to Ryan’s fans: “As the only woman here, a little advice, ladies: Stay in pairs. Don’t stop moving. They will try to smell you. But the good news is, they fear eye contact. What? Huh? You want something? Hmm?”
Steven: “It’s time to de-sexify. Undo the tie, ruin the hair.” Ryan: “Oh, my God. You look even better.” Steven: “Damn my Keira Knightley cheekbones!” Ryan: “You know, I’ve always felt that Keira Knightley has like three too many teeth.”
Ryan after listening to his voicemail: “Oh, no. De-sexify, de-sexify. How come it works when I do it?”
Anne: “Ugh, yeah, Patty was the queen of ‘we need to talk.’ I once stabbed myself with scissors to halt a ‘we need’ in progress. 23 stitches. Was worth it.”
Ryan when he hears Wyatt sing: “That’s the way he sings? He is bringing out in me a longing for the old country.”
Ryan: “Is that your ‘this is the dumbest man in the world’ look or the ‘hey, this plan could work’ look?”
Ryan: “That guy just looks at you, and you just want to give him everything you have and then form an elite group of criminals and try to get him some more!”
Ryan: “You’re so pretty. And I like you, and when you’re 40, I’ll only be 53, and a vibrant 53, and let’s face it. Emotionally, I’ll still be barely legal.”


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