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Weekly round-up: Hitting the pause button

Stills from Go On, Modern Family, New Girl, Elementary, Arrow, Nashville and Revenge

Stills from Go On, Modern Family, New Girl, Elementary, Arrow, Nashville and Revenge

It’s time for a weekly round-up. We expected it to be quirky and bubbly, because there was lots of great television to write about last week and the MTV Movie Awards presented by Rebel Wilson were on. But then tragedy struck in Boston. There are no words to describe how horrible these bombings are. Over the past few days we have all seen the awful images and videos of the bombs going off, the panic among the crowd and the terribly injured people. We won’t be posting those pictures out of respect for the victims. We also think it’s not our place to do so, because we are just a simple entertainment blog and not an official news site. But like we said on Twitter before, our thoughts are with the people in Boston and we hope that the victims who are still in the hospital are able to return home soon.

You can read our reviews from last week below.

New Girl 2×21: Pssst the happening happened – 9
Modern Family 4×18: Calling a guy (or a girl) – 8,5/9
Arrow 1×19: Faith, trust and Vertigo 2.0 – 8
Nashville 1×16: Showstopper – 8
Elementary 1×19: A blizzard, old school detective work and Clyde – 8
Go On 1×21: It’s not you, it’s me – 7,5
Revenge 2×18: The phantom of Victoria – 7,5

Next week on All That Cubeness
It’s a bit of a slow week on television this week. There will be a new episode of The Vampire Diaries, but a lot of shows are having a small hiatus before they return with their final episodes of the season. No worries, though, there still be lot’s to read on our blog. Some of you might noticed we are a little bit behind on our reviews. This is because Chantal is still dealing with a major pile of work at her job (the one that actually pays the bills) and the flu kept bugging me last week (pun intended). We are certainly going to make up for it this week! Because we didn’t forget about the finales of Go On and The Carrie Diaries. In the meantime you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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