Modern Family 4×19: Back to your roots and a glimpse of the future

Modern Family 4x19: The Future Dunphys

Modern Family 4×19: The Future Dunphys

Modern Family 4×19: The Future Dunphys
Claire has to go to the hospital because of that heart thingy that messed up their Valentine’s Day. This starts some conversations about Phil moving on when Claire is gone and on how to raise their kids the right way – which is basically every parent’s question on the global. We all know Phil and Claire have a different philosophy on that particular topic and I loved the opening scene confirming that again. It was so much fun too watch. In the hospital Phil and Claire met an old man who had the future version of their children standing next to his bed. I completely agree with Phil, that sight wasn’t pretty! Of course this glimpse from the future has been done a hundred times on television, but I think this storyline (and it’s outcome) was very fitting for the Dunphys. I really liked how Alex kept her cool and the Dunphy kids told their parents they only freak out at them because they are going through something stressful. Plus the outcome of the parenting question was nicely done: there isn’t one way, it’s all about balancing their opposing philosophies.

Jay on the other hand visited his past, when he took Manny to a private school tour. He never was privileged when he was younger (I think this was a reminder that Jay is living the American Dream, sort of) and always envied the kids who were in private school. Jay gets really competitive during the tour, while he wasn’t really enthusiastic about Manny going to a private school in the first place. That was exactly the reason why Manny brought him along instead of Gloria, because she makes him nerves. Of course Manny blows his interview completely, because he caves under the pressure (moonwalking was one of the least terrible things he did). Although this was my least favorite storyline this episode, it was sweet that Jay took the blame and told he was proud of Manny, no matter which school he went to.

My favorite part of the episode was Lily’s “I’m gay” revelation. She was actually going to have a Girls Day with Gloria, because she had been asking question about feminal stuff (like “when do I get boobs?”) which Cam and Mitch found a bit hard to answer. It was hilarious to see Gloria back out of the driveway and when Lily blurted out she was gay she drove back up the driveway as fast as she could. Apparently Cam and Mitch forgot to do some research about Lily’s heritage, so they decided to go to the nearest Vietnamese restaurant. The scene that followed made me laugh out loud. You have to know about me that I sometimes blurt out stuff which could sound very wrong/funny/weird etc. when completely pulled out of the context. It’s something my friends like to make fun of sometimes. So the restaurant bit was very familiar for me. Plus I liked the actually thought, which was hidden underneath all the jokes, that it’s good to stay in touch with your heritage, because it enriches the culture we live in today. Please keep bringing these brilliant sketches to the screen, Modern Family crew! – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Phil: “It’s coming from the future – your future – and it ain’t pretty.” Haley: “I don’t understand. In the future, I’m not pretty?”
Claire: “Just because he’s behind a curtain doesn’t make him a wizard.”
Phil: “Haley, you’re not quitting. You’re resigning. It sounds better.”
Cam: “I knew when I was 5.” Mitchell: “Everybody knew when you were 5.”
Claire: “Alex, what have I told you about staying out past your curfew?” Alex: “I need to do it more often.”
Cam: “And you know what? You just caused a scene in a restaurant and you can’t get any more like your daddies than that.”
Luke: “Who’s gonna walk me down the aisle?”


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