The Carrie Diaries season one finale: Petting pandas and gym memberships

The Carrie Diaries 1x13: Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

The Carrie Diaries 1×13: Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

The Carrie Diaries 1×13: Kiss Yesterday Goodbye
It’s time to reflect on the season finale of The Carrie Diaries. Beforehand I would like to state that I hope this is a season finale and not a series finale, because the show really started to grow on me. Unfortunately this episode felt a little bit rushed on certain points. Plus there was no Donna LaDonna. Hello! She had some great one liners the past few weeks. She might be The Carrie Diaries biatch, but I really started to like her. Or maybe that’s because Walt was nearby and that guy can make any ugly-on-the-inside girl look pretty.

This episode focused on the prom and Kyddshaw relationship status. Their on and off again status during the episode gave me a whiplash, but it don’t want to blame on the writers. It was merely a case of lack of time, because the first season only contained of thirteen episodes. Then the on and off again could have happened in different episodes instead of three different relationship statuses in one episode (kudos for the first make up scene by the way!). It’s probably also the reason that we didn’t see all the characters every week, which is a shame. I really think that would have helped us understand Maggie’s character more. She really lost a lot of fans this episode when she started to make out with Sebastian (who was broken up with Carrie at the time). I think some viewers actually missed the fact that Maggie is also very lost herself. Of course she is selfish, but the only part she played this season was being Walt’s beard and the cheater. When no one is looking out for you, you are bound to get selfish. Carrie should have toned down a little bit, because OMG the horse she sits on sometimes is really high. Make up your mind and stop wining. Plus don’t forget it take two to tango, girl!

An arc which was nicely done this season was Mouse’s. She went from a college boyfriend to fulltime nerd before West swept her off her feet. She was the only one going to prom in the end (with a horrible but very smart date who wasn’t West). I liked how she took control over the situation. She rushed after her real boyfriend and decided to introduce him to her parents. It may have looked a bit cheesy, but it showed how Mouse has grown during the season. Plus which parents doesn’t like a jock with a killer GPA?!

I like how the writers broke down the wall around Dorrit, by letting her cry when her boyfriend Miller arranged a lot of rose pedals and candles to make her first time special. I don’t want to call them soulmates yet, but they are certainly equals. Plus the way she handled the sex topic portrayed the difference between the two sisters nicely. It actually made me wish that Carrie would let down her hair like Dorrit does from time to time.

Walt also took a major step in the relationship area. When the word was out on him being gay he took it rather well. He is also very lucky that he could run of to the city with Carrie to hang out with people who do appreciate him. Unfortunately his storyline didn’t ended like I hoped. There was a small kiss between him and Bennet, but it wasn’t romantic at all. Bennet looked more like Walt’s personal gay guide this episode than actual boyfriend material. I thought it was a bit stupid that Bennet is okay with Walt drinking alcohol and worries about the two months of “jail bait” time that he has left.

And let’s not forget about Tom Bradshaw… he tried to move forward with his “gym buddy” (nice description by the way), but Carrie was – yet again – being a bitch about it. Sometimes Carrie’s perfect dreamworld feels a little narrow. I like how Dorrit pointed out that Tom looked happy and would pay less attention to them when he while he was dating. I’m glad Carrie approved of his relationship in the end. The whole gym membership conversation was hilarious! Although I don’t really care for his relationship on it’s own – parents on teen soaps can be such a drag. Plus she had some leverage to live in the city for the summer. Yes, Larissa rocked again this episode: beside some great advice and ridiculous stories about being a princess and calling Sebastian “hair god”, she gave Carrie and Walt the keys to her appartement.

Please let The Carrie Diaries return for a second season (and give it 22 episodes then), The CW! The show really has potential. It’s got fun characters, a couple of great storylines and an awesome soundtrack. – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Carrie (talking about her father’s girlfriend): “I’m sure the gym is very nice. I just, uh maybe don’t need to meet the gym right now.”
Larissa: “Haven’t given up on the hair god? Don’t fret. The viking obviously adores you.”
Carrie: “Breaking up before prom might actually be worse than getting dumped near Valentine’s Day.”
Larissa: “Darling, in order to embrace being a modern woman, you have to know the ways of the traditional woman. And I hear they really know how to pleasure a man. That is a skill that every woman should know.”
Carrie: “How hard is it to be happy?” Larissa: “Oh. It’s near to impossible. Well, people are happy. Mm, for, like, one second. Blowing out birthday candles. Petting a panda. Those are moments of joy. But there’s a difference. A good relationship is hard work. Practically slave labor.”
Larissa: “Well, people like us we’re always restless. So we’re a little bit unhappy. Being with someone doesn’t change that. It just makes it that much more complicated.”
Carrie: “Is that what love is supposed to feel like? Like pain?”


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