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Weekly round-up: Love on Top

Stills from Modern Family and The Carrie Diaries. Photo from Beyoncé's Mrs.Carter World Tour.

Stills from Modern Family (left) and The Carrie Diaries (right). Photo from Beyoncé’s Mrs.Carter Show World Tour (center).

It’s been a slow week at ATC, but exciting nonetheless. Cause while we’ve put our favorite television shows on the backburner, we are still on our Mrs. Carter rush. After two full hours of boogieing down with Queen B and more hours of afterglow (hurray for photos and videos), we dare to state that Beyoncé is – cheesy pun alert – bey-ond amazing. Less amazing is the small amount of posts we were able to write because of it (o-kay, our busy work and social schedules were quite the “nuisances” too). So a short catch-up it is, but still one you don’t want to miss out on. Once again tv land proved that miss Knowles-Carter was quite right about one thing. Whether it’s family or friends: love is on top indeed.

Modern Family 4×19: Back to your roots and a glimpse of the future – 9
The Carrie Diaries season one finale: Petting pandas and gym memberships – 8

Music on stage: Beyoncé – Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

Next week on All That Cubeness
As far as we know we have no (concert-)dates with awesome celebrities planned in the upcoming week. (But hey, feel free to surprise us John/Michael/Josh/Ryan R/Ryan G/and so on.) Good news, that gives us a little more time to get our pens computer keyboards ready. More posts coming up! If you’d like to receive updates on new blog articles and more, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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