New Girl 2×22: A bachelorette in distress, the Dead Dad Pass and Big Guy

New Girl 2x22: Bachelorette Party

New Girl 2×22: Bachelorette Party

New Girl 2×22: Bachelorette Party
If you haven’t noticed there is a wedding coming up, because Cece would like to have children before her eggs run out. An arranged marriage has it perks (I think) but having a few evil looking aunts over isn’t one of them. Well at least the wedding invitations are sent. There is a bit of a “Four Weddings and a Funeral” vibe going on over at the loft. Nick recently received stuff from his dad who passed away and likes to use a Dead Dad Pass to justifies his irresponsible behavior, while walking around in a orange sport suit looking like Sue Sylvester (kuddos for Shivrang’s Jane Lynch line). Receiving Cece’s wedding invitation reminds Jess that she has the throw the bachelorette party Cece has been planning since they were little. Schmidt loses it over the invite, because he isn’t allowed a plus one. Apparently only people with a steady relationship are allowed a date to the wedding, which he interpretate as a challenge.

This episode was New Girl in full adorkable mode. It was so much fun to watch. Schmidt chasing down his ex-girlfriends was so hilarious. Even better was the return of Big Guy and of course the introduction of Big Girl. Their last scene together where Schmidt eats a pizza for the first time in forever while dancing was adorable. Big guy in the house!

I even start to like Shivrang. He actually won me over with the Jane Lynch mention, when Nick entered the car. He handled the guys craziness very well and he was supersweet to Cece. Of course Cece is going to be the runaway bride in the end (if you don’t see that by now, you have not been paying attention).

The bachelorette party was of course hysterical. First of all the cut-out board of Shivrang was hilarious. I really liked the consistency of Jess lesbian doctor friend and the weird Russian model hanging around. We haven’t seen Cece hanging out with other people much, so I’m glad they didn’t pack the whole party with strangers. Cece had multiple reasons to freak out. First she had to deal with one of the evil aunts and this was a party you don’t want have any family around, because it’s awkward! The other thing she was freaking out about was not having seen Shivrang naked yet. Jess immediately calls in back up and persuase Nick and Winston to take a photo of Shivrang’s junk. Of course Winston has some ridiculous ideas to get the picture, while Nick makes it part of the traditional American bachelor party and sets an example for Shivrang by making a picture of himself. To get Jess of their back this photo gets send, which is actually kind of awkward because of all the tension between Nick and Jess. Plus her phone gets around the room when the picture arrives. The good part of this craziness was that the evil aunt actually became human. So the bachelorette party wasn’t a big disaster after all.

Besides the awesome ending with Big Girl and Big Guy, Jess and Cece made up and Cece asked Jess to be her maid of honor. We also learn that Nick and Shivrang became friends and Shivrang (pronounced Shivrung) goes now by the nickname Shavvy. You can call this episode cheesy, but sometimes cheesy is the best way to go. – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Schmidt: “Please take that thing off. You look like a homeless pencil.”
Shivrang: “Hey, Nick. Sorry, I thought you were Jane Lynch.”
Jess: “I have not technically been asked to be maid of honor, but I am throwing Cece’s surprise bachelorette party here tonight, and the only males invited are strippers, so oil up or get out, guys.”
Schmidt: “I’m dressed for my Booty Burn Boot Camp class. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not because I need it. I go to inspire the others.”
Cece: “Yeah, well, I don’t need to take relationship advice from a girl who’s in the middle of a seventh grade debacle with a boy across the hall!”
Schmidt: “I can do anything I put my mind to. I once figured out Alyssa Milano’s phone number just by randomly choosing numbers.”
Jess: “You question my pajamas, you make me question our entire friendship.”
Schmidt: “I’m Gérard Depardieu. Do you think I am, lady? I’m Schmidt.”
Schmidt about eating pizza: “It’s like waking up from a bad salad dream. Big guy in the house.”


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