Hart of Dixie 2×18: Spring break, fanny packs and the scenic route

Hart of Dixie 2x18: Why Don't We Get Drunk?

Hart of Dixie 2×18: Why Don’t We Get Drunk?

Hart of Dixie 2×18: Why Don’t We Get Drunk?
This was the first episode back from a long hiatus for Hart of Dixie. It was a fun episode. Zoe is still dealing with her break up from Wade. Jonah and Spring Break are the perfect distraction for her. First she avoids him and his offer to do Spring Break, but when Wally (the owner of the Rammer Jammer) mentions he wants more from life and do more stuff that he actually would have regret, Zoe changes her mind. Spring Break is her bitch! Of course Zoe is a control freak, so letting loose is hard. She even introduces an emergency fanny pack (the worst accessoire ever) and printed out a to do list.

We also learn George always hated Jonah and he is not happy that Jonah has a date with Zoe. George tries everything in his power to screw up the date. He takes his former father-in-law out on a fishing trip and takes the scenic route home, so Zoe can’t leave the office because it super busy thanks to Lavon’s spring break. Despite George efforts Zoe and Jonah go on their date after all. But Jonah notice that he might not be the guy for Zoe. In the end they both are happy they didn’t take it any further than hanging out as friends. Which made me happy too. Jonah has become a little bit too cocky for my taste (I blame the writers for ruining a potentially great character). Seeing Zoe and George together in the hospital made me realize that it’s time they explore the possibilities between them. Yes, I am a Zade shipper, but come on there is too much damage done and there are definitely some feelings between George and Zoe.

Spring Break was an eye opener for a lot of couples. Ruby came to town, which made Annabeth jealous and Lavon a bit confused. Ruby tries to win Lavon’s heart back by arranging a speed boat competition when the mayor of Fillmore steals Lavon’s tourists. Wade and Lemon both participate because they have set their eyes on buying the Rammer Jammer. Even Lemon realizes that she has been unfair to Annabeth and tells her BFF to go fight for her man. It’s an easy fight, because Lavon’s feelings for Ruby have disappeared completely. It nice that AB and Lavon finally can be together. But back to the boat contest. Wade and Lemon are the last ones standing (while keeping at least one hand on the boat), but Lemon has to forfeit when Zoe tells her about her father’s condition. Because Wade doesn’t like to win that way he lets go to and they both win the boat. Neither of them is able to buy the Rammer Jammer on their own and to keep the big corporate sharks out of town they decide to go into business together. It’s a big risk, but I enjoyed the season 1 episode where Lemon pretends to be someone else and goes out with Wade. There was some real chemistry there then, so I hope the writers will explore that side of things again.

But back to Brick… everyone comes together in the hospital because something is off about Brick’s behavior. After a scan Brick claims everything is alright. But I don’t believe him. He even looked a bit overwhelmed that so many people showed up to see if he was okay. It was actually kind of sweet, but I think we will get to the bottom of it very soon. – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Jonah: “I’m not so sure you’re a spring break kind of girl After all, doctor Hart. Something tells me you’re more of a take-the-scenic-route, see-the-ducks kind of girl.”
Zoe: “Spring break is gonna be my bitch.”
Brick: “I’m just glad I sent Magnolia to bible camp this week. Hopefully, the only body shot she does Is the body of Christ with a grape juice chaser.”
Wade: “Yeah, when you put it in that tone, anything can sound bad.”


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