Modern Family 4×20: The Great Gloria

Modern Family 4x20: Flip Flop

Modern Family 4×20: Flip Flop

Modern Family 4×20: Flip Flop
The house is ready and it’s time to make some money! A little tip: a house doesn’t sell easy these days. Phil thinks he can have a better price for it than his nemesis Gil Thorpe offers and decides to hold on to the house. Worst idea ever, because a couple of months later they are still stuck with it. When Luke finally explains his friend who’s looking for a house is a grown up (did his parents learn nothing from his friendship with their old neighbor?!), they do everything in their power to seal the deal. Even Haley’s online powers come in handy. I loved how Luke mentioned that privacy is dead. A lot of people will watch this show to have a good laugh, but with these little lines Modern Family shows that they have a bigger plan than just making people laugh about daily activities. This one in particular triggers you to think about all the stuff you put online without thinking about it. Of course Cam, Mitch, Claire and Phil take it overboard and mess up the potential sale, but luckily for them Gil Thorpe stops by. Not knowing Phil’s brother-in-law Mitch and Cam seem like a couple of buyers. Gil doesn’t want to lose the house to a gay couple and outbids his own offer. I hope both couples learned their lesson and decide to never flip a house again. Nevertheless the storyline was a lot of fun to watch.

At the Pritchett’s mansion Gloria is freaking out because Manny’s dad brought a date to his son’s trip. Surprise, surprise! It isn’t the usual bimbo, but actually a smart woman. Trish is so smart she even has a connection with Manny, which makes Gloria jealous and useless. They have a nice afternoon together while playing charades and Javier even proposes to Trish, but she declines because she is super intimidated by Gloria. Aww, it was actually kind of cute how Gloria welcomed her with open arms after she heard that. Small lesson for a male readers: women, no matter how stunning they look, have insecurities. I’m curious if we are going to see the wedding on screen, now it is announced. Or should I be more worried about the fact if Javier is able to hold on to her?

It was again a great episode with some excellent dialog. The writers have done a great job on the fourth season so far. I look forward to the final four episodes! – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Jay: “You and Manny have the closest relationship I’ve ever seen. Hell, he may never form a healthy attachment with another woman after you.”
Haley: “Okay, so after a quick scan of his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, here is what I know.” Luke: “Privacy is dead?”
Phil: “She’s like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Cam: “With cuter hair.”
Jay: “No, just like there’s no such thing as a professional Broadway enthusiast.”
Mitchell: “Easy Duchess. It’s just one room, not Gosford Park.”
Phil: “Prepare to Phil the agony of Dunfeat. Both names!”
Haley: “Went to college at a place called MIT.” Alex: “M.I.T.” Haley: “I know how to spell it.”
Gloria: “If she learns how to froth his cappuccino, I am history.”


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