Nashville 1×17: Someone to count on

Nashville 1x17: My Heart Would Know

Nashville 1×17: My Heart Would Know

Nashville 1×17: My Heart Would Know
This episode was all about Lamar, in a way. He had a heart attack in the final seconds of the last episode, but a bad guy like he always has some extra breath left. Rayna cancels her show and rushes home with her sister to the hospital. This was definitely one of the most dramatic episodes of the show so far, and I mean that in a good way. Connie Britton rocks at playing the heartbroken person. She has the perfect sad look. We actually learn a lot about her family. For instance her mom cheated on her dad with Watty White, which explains why Lamar always detested Rayna’s music career. I think everyone choked up a little when Rayna talked to her unconscious father about their relationship.

Rayna’s personal problems also influenced other characters on the show. Mostly Deacon, who is probably more torn then ever between Rayna and his girlfriend Stacey (please go for the former). He thinks it’s crazy that Juliette didn’t cancel her show, because on the road your are one big family. She even adds ten more songs to the set, which are actually great songs but that is besides the point. The mastermind behind her actions? Dante. Ugh, I really start to hate this guy. He acts like he is king. He isn’t doing any coke yet, but he certainly has revived his addiction for power. The way he treats Avery is awful and I’m glad Deacon sticked up for him. I hope Dante becoming Juliette’s new manager is going to bite her in the ass real soon. That girl needs a wake up call.

It’s crazy that I even feel sorry for Avery these days, but I guess his trip to fame (and back to being nobody) has made him more humble. Besides Dante, I think Will is doing a great job to replace him as the new asshole. He clearly has some ulterior motives for hanging out with Scarlett and Gunnar. One of them is using their connections to make it in the music business and the other one is to get into Scarlett’s pants. While it was great he finally got through to Gunnar, I hope they leave the almost suicide driving immediately behind them, because I can’t handle seeing Gunnar being send to the hospital this season. I’m curious what Scarlett’s music career is going to bring. She still seemed a bit out of place at the record label. Side note: I loved the song Gunnar was working on!

Before I wrap up this review, let’s talk about Tandy. She is being badass! She might ruined her father’s scheme to get the stadion built on their land, but I loved how she sticked up for her sister and exposed Peggy as the source of all the gossip around Rayna and Teddy’s break-up. I’m curious what Teddy’s counter move will be. The promo for the final four episodes look amazing. I really hope this show gets a second season. – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Deacon: “I just heard something, you know, in your voice in that message. You just sounded like you needed me.”
Rayna: “Daddy? I just wanted to say that I wish you’d have told me about all this instead of just being so angry with me all these years. ‘Cause that’s what it felt like. It just felt like you were mad at me all the time, and I realize that you were probably just mad at mom. And I don’t blame you for that. I just feel like we missed our life together, and… Daddy?”


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