Go On season one finale: One of Nine

Go On 1x22: Urn-ed Run

Go On 1×22: Urn-ed Run

Go On 1×22: Urn-ed Run
What did a year of therapy bring us is the big question in the season finale of Go On. After her cancelled wedding Lauren made everyone a personal healing file and refocuses her energy on her group. The next step in Ryan’s healing proces is spreading Janie’s ashes. This is actually a big step, but also a perfect way to wrap up the first season. It felt like the story became full circle with this final episode.

The goodbye ceremony beside a lake was beautiful and funny at the same time (great voice, Steven), it only had one down point: Janie’s ashes weren’t present. Ryan was afraid to mess up the final goodbye of his wife, after messing op their marriage in the first place. These flashbacks were a lot of fun to watch. I agree with Anne, Janie was a fun and very likeable character. Ryan’s besties, Anne and Mr. K, decide to help him with letting go of Janie. They steal her ashes, but of course their plan gets messed up when they leave Janie out of their sights for a second. Her ashes drop of another car and rest in peace now somewhere at a gas station, ouch. By the way, how hilarious was Mr. K’s Jude Law obsession?! Did you notice the Jude Law air refreshener in his car?

Talking about messing things up… Sonia and Yolanda focus on getting Lauren a win (while Sonia writes a terrible novel inspired on the group’s adventures). They make up a deceased colleague at the hospital and even stage a whole grieving event. Only problem is that Sonia is unable to lie to Lauren. When Lauren finds out the truth she is even more depressed. Luckily she finds her way back, when she is talking about Ryan’s problems of honoring his wife for the last time.

I think everyone did a great job on the scene at the batting cages. At first it was funny to see Janie hitting a baseball in a wedding dress (her facial expressions where amazing). When Ryan spread the remains of her ashes it felt almost like a sacred moment (and place). The montage showed us Ryan was truly able to let go of his grief (or at least a big part of it) by not waking up at 1:23 am. Kuddos for the continuity through out the season. A simple quote about baseball also reflected on life and the group, which was a great way to introduce the final scene where everyone let go of a piece of their past. Of course Go On couldn’t finish with mixing the melodramatic part with some old fashioned humor… So Mr. K does something crazy like skinny dipping without being able to swim and George mentioned he should really find a new group. It was a prefect ending of the show’s first season.

There is still no news if Go On will get a second season, but I really hope they get the chance. I started to watch this show because my blog buddy Chantal recommended it to me and I fell in love with Go On along the way. I can’t imagine not seeing my favorite group of misfits every week. While this episode wrapped up a lot of storylines in an excellent way, I really want to see Steven and Lauren happen and I need to know what Ryan is going to do about the tension with Carrie. I hope we get the good news soon! Until then fingers crossed. – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Ryan: “When did you pick up all the pennies? And why am I not even wondering why you came in with them?”
Sonia: “I wanna do the same for Lauren much like Lauren-ia in my novel. She can rescue everyone but herself.”
Anne: “All right, K, but if we’re gonna work together, we’re gonna have to follow certain guidelines. For starters, state and federal laws.” Mr. K: “Well, the only laws I abide by are the laws of physics, the law of supply and demand, and Jude Law, who talks to me through his movies, like The Talented Mr. Ripley, or as I call it ‘buy a winnebago, Mr. K’.”
Ryan’s voice-over about baseball and life: “Ted Williams said that the hardest thing to do in sport is to hit a baseball. A round ball, round bat, and you have to hit it square. It’s not easy, but when you connect and you hear that sound, you just… you just feel like everything is gonna be okay. It may feel like a solitary sport when you step into the box, but the truth is you’re one of nine.” Lauren: “It’s important to honor the past, but there’s a time to move forward.”
George: “I need to find a new group.”


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