Hart of Dixie 2×19: The kiss of death

Hart of Dixie 2x19: The Kiss

Hart of Dixie 2×19: The Kiss

Hart of Dixie 2×19: The Kiss
This episode (and the accompanying picture of the week) is for all the George and Zoe shippers! Although the kiss was part of an acting job, I think all the George and Zoe shippers were jumping up and down on their couch. Although Zoe’s dream about George was kind of awesome too. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, a lot went down before this kiss actually happened.

Zoe is a bit adrift when it comes to her love life since she broke up with Wade. Dreaming about George after his nice gesture involving the New York Times freaks her out. Luckily for Zoe it’s mental health week in Bluebell and there is still a spot open. Brick thinks her subconscious is trying to imagine what her life would have been like when she would have chosen George over Wade. Which actually sounds like a solid explanation. So Zoe decides to avoid George until she is back on her feet. Expect in a small town like Bluebell it’s a bit hard to that. Even harder when Dash’s Romeo and Juliet couple is missing a Juliet because of laryngitis and understudy Crickett can’t remember her lines. Zoe had to go to theatre camp one summer, because she was being punished by her mother, actually knows the line. Dash immediately replaces Crickett with Zoe. When she shows up at rehearsal she learns George is Romeo! But Zoe’s alarm bells aren’t the only ones going off… George isn’t happy either, because Tansy has had several small freak outs about him and Zoe hanging out. They try everything to get out of it. They even take over Tom and Wanda’s jobs to make sure they don’t have to kiss on stage.

It wouldn’t be Bluebell if their plan didn’t fail and in the end Tansy even demands George to kiss Zoe, so they can show there is nothing going on between them. Zoe isn’t aware of that fact, because she too busy freaking out about going down the same rabbit hole again. She even revamps Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to avoid a kiss. But George forces his lips on hers anyway and boy, you can’t deny the chemistry! The only one who doesn’t see it is Tansy, who also moves in with George because Zoe let the beehive escape and they decide to create a new home in Tansy’s trailer. Poor Zoe, who fakes her joy for Bluebell’s favorite lovebirds.

The other half of the episode was dominated by the new partners in crime Wade and Lemon. Unfortunately the writers decided to fall back on their season one stereotyped behavior of the useless bartender and the uptight Belle. The old staff of the Rammer Jammer doesn’t have faith in it’s new owners and all bailed. This storyline felt like unnecessary obstacle to show the viewers that Lemon and Wade have completely different views on being a diner owner. Although there were some nice punchlines along the way, I’m not a fan of the way the writers decided to handle this arc, after the personal growth both characters have shown this season. I get that personal growth can have it’s setbacks, but the way it’s handle right now gives me the feeling it never happened in the first place. Please fix this dear writers!

Another thing I didn’t care much about this episode was Lavon’s stage fright. But I liked his interactions with Brick, which actually helped both guys to overcome their fears. Brick decided to come forward to Shelby about his illness. I told you, he was faking being okay! After this episode I had some mixed feelings, although I like where Zoe and George are going, I hope the writers are able to fix the Lemon and Wade mess soon. – 7/7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Shelby: “I love you so much that I am putting up with living with your teenage daughter. There is nothing that I can’t take now.”
Zoe: “In a twist of bad luck, I somehow am playing Juliet to George Tucker’s Romeo.” Brick: “Zoe Hart, you cannot kiss George Tucker.” Zoe: “I know! I am lonely and hurting. If I kiss him, I’m gonna go right back down that rabbit hole again. So how do I get out of it?” Brick: “Lie.” Zoe: “Right. You are good at this.”
Lemon: “Well, she presented the only two forms of identification my partner checks.”
Lavon: “Hey, Big Z, I need some advice.” Zoe: “Hit me.” Lavon: “Well, AB signed us up to do a scene in Dash’s Shakespeare thing.” Zoe: “Uh-huh.” Lavon: “How do I get out of it?” Zoe: “You want my advice?” Lavon: “Yeah.” Zoe: “Suck it up and do it. For the school gym, for AnnaBeth.” Lavon: “I’ve been giving you relationship advice forever. Now that I’m in need, ‘suck it up and do it’ is the best you can offer? [Zoe shrugs her shoulders] Well, boo, Zoe Hart, boo.” Zoe: “Oh, you want better advice, ask Brick. It’s shrink week, and suddenly, he is our town Freud.”


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