Elementary 1×20: It’s all about the details

Elementary 1x20: Dead Man's Switch

Elementary 1×20: Dead Man’s Switch

Elementary 1×20: Dead Man’s Switch
Sherlock’s sponsor Alfredo calls in a favor for his own sponsor, who’s being blackmailed with a tape of his raped daughter. Holmes and Watson look into it without any help from the police. Sherlock even witness the murder of the most likely suspect of the blackmailing, which makes the whole case even more complicated. The blackmailer had a partner who would release the video, when something happened to the initial blackmailer. Of course Sherlock needs to report the crime, but because of his good relationship with the NYPD captain Gregson helps Sherlock to keep the investigation of the books for now. The case involved some disgusting discoveries of dead bodies and had some nice twists and turns, but it wasn’t the most interesting part about the episode.

This episode also focused on Sherlock’s one year sober anniversary, although Sherlock wasn’t a fan of this event. After buying sobriety chips and mocking this rite of passage, he finally confessed what was bothering him. Turns out he escaped from the rehab facility a day after checking in, to get his hands on some drugs. After coming clean to his former sober companion he told his sponsor Alfredo about the timeline being off. Although Sherlock didn’t change his point of view on the festivities surrounding his sobriety, I liked how Alfredo pointed out that this wasn’t just about Sherlock. I like to think that’s the reason Sherlock was able to accept Watson’s present at the end of the episode. He even choked up a little bit while reading the quote in the frame. Which is very fitting for Sherlock’s character in my opinion. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
Sherlock talking about his small relapse the day after he entered rehab: “but I’m a man of details. And-and it, it matters to me.”
Alfredo: “You know what I wish you got? Milestones like this one they’re yours, but they’re not about you. They’re about all the people who haven’t got there yet. They see you do it, and they think why can’t I? You know, I know it’s hard, but one of these days, you got to get over yourself.”
When Watson mentioned she didn’t hear him coming in, Holmes says: “You know me, stealthy as a shadow.”


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