The Vampire Diaries 4×19: Prom night and two-faced problems

The Vampire Diaries 4x19: Pictures of You

The Vampire Diaries 4×19: Pictures of You

The Vampire Diaries 4×19: Pictures of You
After a hiatus The Vampire Diaries returned with an episode which reminded us that our beloved characters actually belong in high school. Of course actually attending a class is far too boring, so instead our supernatural buddies attend the senior prom. This party was a nice walk down memory lane with lot’s of pictures (also some never seen before stuff) and a great testrun for Caroline’s wedding. The Salvatore brothers decide this is the perfect opportunity to trick Elena into switching on her humanity switch again. Not so long ago this girl was kind of sucker for these rite of passages. In the meantime Silas is creepy around town deceiving everyone along the way and Elijah makes a deal with his brother and sister about the cure. He wants to give it to Rebekah if she can prove being human is really what she wants and not one of her usual whims. He dares her to live without her vampire superpowers for one day. Rebekah accept the challenge and starts prepping for her first prom ever! Yes, it’s quite a accomplishment that she finally is able to attend one of Mystic Falls proms.

Beforehand I thought this episode was going to be epic. In a way it was, in other ways it was disappointing. I’m actually done with Elena sans humanity, because there are so many signs she is about to explode. Her one-liners (which are actually kind of fun) still suggest she is the heartless bitch, but her expression when she looked at the photos, the little touches with Stefan and fear for Bonnie scream “I have emotions but I’m trying to hide them”. I hope the Salvatore brothers are able to keep it together while Silas attempts to mess with their heads. The perfect Elena – in my opinion – would be a vampire with emotions, plus her witty one-liners from her sans humanity side.

Another downsider of this episode was Silas tricking everybody. I notice that I’m becoming less invested in Silas story every week. Him showing up as anybody didn’t help. It felt like an easy trick and I wasn’t even able to enjoy the Forwood moment. I was completely convinced he was going to reveal himself as Silas at some point by saying something stupid. I wonder if Tyler will move back to Mystic Falls when Klaus leaves for New Orleans. It was nice of Klaus to tolerate Tyler for being there for a super disappointed Caroline. But I’m worried Klaroline is getting far to close to a friends zone, which will make it impossible for them to share one romantic moment together before the season finale. Frankly, for a Klaroline shipper it’s just a big bummer!

Bonnie finally had an interesting storyline this episode. She wasn’t a victim for once, which was a refreshing change. The only thing I don’t get is that she was voted prom queen. Hello, didn’t sign Caroline up for that job when she became Miss Mystic Falls and being head cheerleader and all?! The pity vote doesn’t even make sense. Seeing her dancing with her vision of Jeremy was nice. But she kicked ass when she revealed the Jeremy facade as Silas and demanding him to get out of her head and fought of Elena. I was even cheering for Bonnie when she called Elena sans humanity the shell of her best friend and she made it clear to Stefan that none of this was okay. You, go girl! Unfortunately she went out searching for Silas after this encounter and found a guy with a scar on his face (yawn!).

After being fought of by Bonnie, Silas had one final person to frame that night: Elijah. He was able to fool Elijah by portraying Rebekah. Which makes Silas the proud owner of the cure again. Rebekah’s human night was a bust. She was the girl sitting at the loser table, but luckily for her prom king Matt was being a gentleman (he totally deserved this title by the way). She might even became more human while using her vampire superpowers to revive a dying April Young (ow yeah, she is still around too). Now Silas has the cure her chances at becoming human are slimmer then ever, but I like to think this night was a lesson for Rebekah to find her humanity within her vampire ways. Plus didn’t Matt and Rebekah make a gorgeous couple?!

At the end of the episode Klaus received a letter from Katherine to force him to leave town and visit his former favorite city: New Orleans. I have to say, I’m dying to see The Originals backdoor pilot, but the way Klaus was forced to go there was ridiculous. Katherine could have said anything in that letter, but I’m not going to let that ruin the backdoor pilot for me. By the way: kuddos for mentioning her high heels fetish. It made me laugh. – 7,8

This week’s favorite quote
Elena: “Hey, Bonnie. Heard you got your mind wiped. That sucks.”
Damon: “Yeah, well, hindsight is almost a bigger bitch than you.”
Elena to Bonnie: “I thought you were going to bring Jeremy back, but it turned out you were just a brainwashed crazy person, so technically, you’re a walking reminder of all the horrible things that have happened to me.”
Matt: “Why do I feel like we’re at a practice run of Caroline’s wedding?” Bonnie: “Because I think we are.”
Elena: “I’m gonna get a seizure if I keep staring at these screens.”
Caroline: “I know you said to kill her with kindness, but can’t I just kill her?”
When Stefan asks how Silas got to Damon, he says: “Talked about his hair. I figured it had to be you.”
Katerine’s letter: “It’s been a fun five centuries, Klaus, but I’ve worn down too many good heels running from you. Love and hate, Katerina.”


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