Hart of Dixie 2×20: Settle the dust

Hart of Dixie 2x20: If Tomorrow Never Comes

Hart of Dixie 2×20: If Tomorrow Never Comes

Hart of Dixie 2×20: If Tomorrow Never Comes
A ridiculous episode needs a ridiculous photo. Yes dear viewers, I thought this episode was quite ridiculous, even bad actually. Although I’m a fan of the show embracing it’s quirkiness, this week they took it all little overboard. The episode had a slapstick vibe and along the way I thought someone pretending to be Charlie Chaplin would pop up soon.

A big contributor to the bad part of this episode where Tansy’s brothers. The only thing I could think was that one of them used to be the butler’s son on Veronica Mars who ripped everyone off during the poker game in season 1. I used to like Tansy, but she is turning into a caricature of her character. Her brothers were certainly over the top and her reaction to George after declining to babysit three grown men any longer was even crazier.

Another thing which was annoying was Wade and Lemon round II at the Rammer Jammer. Even Lavon and Annabeth joined their crazy. Although the message of standing by your friends is nice, I didn’t enjoy the execution. Also Wade and Lemon learned again that they can achieve more when they work together instead of against each other. Please give me a genuine Wemon scene soon.

Zoe was obsessing over George this episode, which almost cost her her life if she hadn’t been able to do the heimlich on herself. It was kind of funny to see her running around while choking on a piece of food (because are you able to run around while choking on something?). Afterwards she did was does best: meddling in other people’s business to avoid her own problems. The victims this week: Brick and Shelby’s after she spots Jonah at their office being mysterious. Yes, the same Jonah who left two episodes ago for an internship (or something similar). We actually learn a little bit more about Brick’s condition. When Zoe mentions to Shelby that Brick’s life is on the line, Shelby freaks out. Which makes Zoe freak out, because someone’s changes on survival are bigger when they have someone to look forward to after the surgery. Of course Shelby’s personal paradise is a shopping center. She shows up at the hospital were Brick proposes to her. Which was not in the plan and a bit unexpecting for me too. But I think Shelby handled the craziness quite well. The interesting part was Zoe admitting the need for a father figure in her life. Will this have something to do with the craziness in her love life? The moment between her and Brick, when he told her to pursue the things you want before it’s too late, was rather sweet. Although her intension was nice by telling George the truth about her feelings, she looked a bit unstable when she blurted them out. I think George had every right to response the way he did (even more after the crazy day he just had). I hope Hart of Dixie is able to restore their balance real soon. – 6,5/7

This week’s favorite quote
Zoe: “I will deny this if you ever repeat it, but that stubborn, crabby jerk is the closest thing I’ve got to a father in this town.”
George’s response to Zoe’s revelation: “Oh, you’re gonna get one, Zoe, and it’s this: Are you out of your freaking mind right now?! Seriously. You had every opportunity in the world to be with me, and you didn’t take it. You sent me out to go find a real relationship. Well, guess what I found? A real relationship. It’s with Tansy and it’s awesome. So, I am sorry if you almost choked to death with a head full of regrets. That must have been very scary. But next time take smaller bites.”
Zoe: “In case anyone is interested, I just almost died.” Lavon: “You ran out of conditioner again? I keep telling you, buy it in bulk.”


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