Revenge 2×19: Transparency is a bitch

Revenge 2x19: Identity

Revenge 2×19: Identity

Revenge 2×19: Identity
Who would have thought taking down the Falcon would be so easy? After a little trigger – which happened to be data of Victoria’s long lost son – the only thing left to do was beating the Falcon at Street Fighter. Although I like that the storylines are speeded up a little bit I wonder if it has something to do with the showrunner Mike Kelley leaving when the season ends. With a nice cliffhanger and the Initiative storyline (hopefully) wrapped, it leaves a clean slate to create a reformed Revenge with brandnew storylines. Because to be honest, this season has been messy and confusing.

While Jack and Ashley remain working together and finding evidence of a probably cheating Conrad, the episode centers around a big live television interview. First up are Daniel and Emily, who just rekindled their romance. Of course the first question you get when you get back together with your ex-fiance is if you will walk down the aisle soon. I realized during the interviews how composed and fake these people actually are. While I was freaking out if famous people are always this composed during interviews and other interactions, I also realized the connection you are supposed to have with the leading lady of a show was fading. During the first season of Revenge I understood that something terrible was done to Emily and I felt incredibly sorry for her. This season I see a cold hearted woman walking around on screen and I’m on my couch hoping this (and I mean the show) will get better.

But back to the interview… Emily sets Victoria up to reveal she didn’t have an abortion all those years ago. I actually felt a bit sorry for Victoria, acting nervous while Conrad tried to convince the reporter of their spin on the story and having her to own up to it on live television. I can’t believe I have a soft spot for Victoria, blame the wonderful flashbacks which make her seem so innocent.

Another (once an) innocent girl who is losing her way is Charlotte. I honestly don’t really get why. First she hit someone who insulted her late halfsister (which was actually badass). Now she is partying with a girl and having some girl on Grayson action infront of a club. Although grieving in general doesn’t make sense, the writers will probably have something else for her in store. Will she be the series regular who’s going to die in the season finale? I really don’t know what to think of Revenge these days. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Nolan: “Who knew I had it in me? Oh, besides you, of course. Although truth be told, you throw me a token and jump me in front of Street Fighter and I turn into Bruce friggin’ Lee. Until, uh I’m in front of actual flesh-and-bone bad guys, and I fall apart.”
Charlotte: “I’m not hiding. I just don’t have the luxury of being invisible.”
Nolan: “You are hiding in a world of ones and zeros, too afraid to make an emotional connection. Caring for someone doesn’t make you weak. It makes you stronger, which is why you just got schooled.”
Conrad: “If you’re thinking of jumping, allow me to assist you.” Victoria: “I’m in no mood for your gallows humor.”
Nolan when his cartoon pops up on the screen: “A little too on the nose?”


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