Hart of Dixie 2×21: Drama queens, star charts and homewrecker Hart

Hart of Dixie 2x21: I'm Moving On

Hart of Dixie 2×21: I’m Moving On

Hart of Dixie 2×21: I’m Moving On
The day after Zoe declared her love to George she decides to retract those words, because they have been over this already. Yes, it’s same old same old when it comes to George and Zoe talking about their undeniable chemistry. The only difference is Zoe claims she has moved on overnight, including a brand new dating profile to find the man of her dreams. Since she tried the lawyer type and the bartender type she decides to go for something else completely. Turns out most of her admirers are one of Meatball’s fake profiles, bummer.

Luckily Rose is around to spice up Zoe’s profile. She and her boyfriend Max (you know the guy who was head over heels in love with Zoe at the beginning of this season) even set Zoe up with Max dad, who is divorced. Although Max and Rose mean well, everyone points out that Zoe isn’t boring relationship material. Looking at the previous debacles in Zoe’s romantic life, she is a drama queen. Of course she is one, because otherwise the show would be kind of boring for us to watch. Let’s face it, Rachel Bilson rocks at being a drama queen. Although Zoe tries to aim on a more serious (and boring) person, Max father isn’t having it and tells Zoe he was forced to go out with her, because Max and Rose wouldn’t take no for an answer. Ouch. Poor Zoe and that isn’t her only problem this evening…

Tansy freaks out because of Zoe’s declaration although George explained loud and clear he isn’t interested. Ugh, why does Tansy have to do this every week?! Did she forget that George embraced her crazy family last week? It’s like she keeps forgetting that he is taking their relationship very seriously. Poor George. Tansy tries to calm down by getting star charts made for her and George. Of course they point out they are completely compatible (because who would say that you aren’t if they want to keep in business?). She even takes it overboard by throwing out George’s clothes because he is wearing the wrong colors. This is even a little bit too much for George, so he tells her to go with her gut. But right at the moment he tells her that, Zoe pops up at prom (before I forget to mention it, everything went down at Bluebell’s high school prom). Of course Zoe’s timing isn’t great, but Tansy drinking the spiked punch isn’t helping much either. Although you could say drunk people tell the truth… Well Tansy’s truth is that Zoe Hart is a homewrecker. After the girls both have a meltdown they leave prom. George is totally there for Tansy, but when she demands to leave his life behind to build a new life somewhere together George gives up. Which I think is totally the right choice. Why should he leave behind his job, hometown and lifelong friends because Tansy is insecure about one ex of him walking around town. Although I really enjoyed Tansy at the beginning, I’m glad she is gone after the debacles from the last few weeks. You may think this is the perfect moment for Zoe to swoop in, but she is at home wallowing. When Wade shows up she invites him in because she wants to feel better for a minutes about herself. Oh, oh. Seems that George is too late again. The season finale is bound to get interesting.

But before I wrap up this review, Zoe wasn’t the only drama queen in town this episode. Lavon continued his fight with the mayor of Fillmore, but luckily for him Annabeth is a great spindoctor and fixed his mess without losing his dignity by talking to the wife’s mayor. Wade and Lemon had another one of their management fights, sight. This time because of the damage at the Rammer Jammer when they knocked down the wall. Wade’s contractor stole the money, while Lemon wasn’t getting any money from her father to fix this mess, because of his fiancée influence. It lead to a sincere moment between her and Lavon, which was actually so sweet I think Annabeth should watch her back. In the end Lavon got the whole town to help out, so they could reopen the next day. Aww. Brick and Shelby didn’t have it easy either this week. They fought about Shelby bailing before the surgery and not being sure if they were committed to each other. They decide to fix that issue by speeding up their marriage, because being engaged was a nasty uncertain fase if you asked them. It was actually kind of funny.

This week’s episode was a lot better than last week. It’s still not the show’s best work, but it will be an interesting season finale and the renewal made a lot more sense after this week’s episode. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
Wade: “Ooh, ooh, let me guess. Somebody else got voted prom queen.”


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