Modern Family 4×21: Tooth fairy business with some glitter on the side

Modern Family 4x21: Career Day

Modern Family 4×21: Career Day

Modern Family 4×21: Career Day
Lily lost her first tooth and is ready to meet the tooth fairy. Of course that’s a parents duty and Cam takes it a little overboard. Or actually a lot when Lily finds a hundred dollar bill under her pillow. Ouch. It looks like Cam and Mitch are a bit worried about their image at school, so they try to get the bill back but of course Lily won’t let that happen. It was actually kind of hilarious to see Haley show up as the tooth fairy. It became even funnier when Lily realized she was being set up. But we noticed before Haley has some great parenting skills up her sleeve, when she convinces Lily that she will put on Santa Claus naughty list if she doesn’t give the bill back. Also Cam and Mitch looked like two very proud papa’s in that particular scene.

Luke and Manny had career day at school. Which makes Jay talk about wanting to be a writer, which he never could because he needed to look after his family. Gloria dares him to start writing, which actually turns out to be a disaster. Frankly Jay was never a great storyteller to begin with if you look at the documentary pieces of the show. Manny actually has some talent and decides to help him out. But Manny gets mad when Gloria crushes the story. It results in a nice bonding moment of the men at the Pritchett house. Plus it was funny to see Gloria calling Jay out on a lame excuse.

The career day also did a number on the Dunphy family. Phil is yet again faced with his enemy Gil Thorpe, who even offers Claire a job after she gets humiliated infront of the class by a bitchy and bitter student. When Claire takes the job Gil rubs it in Phil’s face. Phil tries to be as supportive as possible, but luckily for him Gil’s attitude isn’t working for Claire either. Who quites after the first day when she is been treated like a servant. Phil’s stupid question about dinner that night and Claire’s reaction was awesome. Phil can be so dumb sometimes. Again a lot of laugh out loud moments on Modern Family this week. – 8,5/9

This week’s favorite quote
Mitchell: “Maybe it’s because the tooth fairy had a little too much chardonnay last night.”
Jay: “This behavior of yours is not gonna fly when you lose your looks.” Gloria: “Mm! You’re gonna be long gone by then.”
Mitchell: “Okay, we cannot be the parents of a 6-year-old who gets $100 from the tooth fairy. It’s bad enough we’re the parents of a 6-year-old with a clutch.” Cam: “You know, that bag transitions from day to night seamlessly, and I no longer have to carry crayons in my front pocket.”
Alex: “He keeps asking me to hand him all of the instruments. He wants me to act like a nurse.” Luke: “Now it sounds like a date in Haley’s life.”
Haley: “I need enough for all the other children’s tooths, teeth.” Lily: “Wait a minute. You’re not the tooth fairy. You’re Haley.” Haley: “No! I am the tooth fairy! Look! Fairy dust!” Mitchell: “And there’s that glitter.” Lily: “Why did you lie? You said lying was wrong.” Mitchell: “We also said that when someone is in trouble, you help them.” Lily: “How do I know you weren’t lying?” Haley: “She is good.”
Mitchell: “I guess the tooth fairy doesn’t have to worry about vacuuming.”
Haley: “I mean who cares what Santa thinks, right? [Lily: “Santa?”] Well, he sees everything and this’ll probably put you on the naughty list. But who needs presents every year? You’ve got a hundred dollars. You can ride around that empty Christmas tree until you’re an old lady.”


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