Nashville 1×18: Crying won’t help you now

Nashville 1x18: Take These Chains From My Heart

Nashville 1×18: Take These Chains From My Heart

Nashville 1×18: Take These Chains From My Heart
A lot of stuff happened on Nashville! Liam popped up again and this time Rayna decides to take it a little bit further this time. Deacon is confronted with a Rayna who’s moving on, which is kind of hard to watch for him. In the meantime he also has to deal with Juliette who isn’t able to think for herself anymore and only does what Dante suggests. Scarlett has her first big meeting with Rayna and decides to fight for her man. While Gunnar is busy hanging out with Will, who booked his first gig. Her ex Avery seems to change will working as a roadie for Juliette and Rayna, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Scarlett.

Let’s discuss the boring part first… Somehow the Cumberland deal is back on the table, yuck. You might reminder this snoozefest storyline from the beginning of the season. It’s sad the writers decided to occupied Tansy with family business and proving a point to her father who is working on his relationship with Rayna (the good old-fashioned “I was hurting, but I was still proud you” excuse). I actually like Tansy when she hangs out with her sister and provides the ooh’s and aah’s and witty remarks to their conversation. Please kill the boring business stuff if the show gets a second season.

Now on to the good stuff. Liam is back! I did not see that coming, but I like how he is making Rayna more impulsive. They looked amazing on stage, but we all know there is only one guy for Rayna and his name is Deacon. Their last scene was divine! She finally professed her love for him and he worked up the courage to not let her leave again this time. It sucks for Stacey, who’s a nice gal but you don’t stand a chance when someone’s soulmate shows up.

Talking about soulmates… Gunnar and Scarlett seem to drift apart more and more each episode. If Gunnar is going to keep shutting Scarlett out of his life, he is going to push her back into Avery’s arms. Which I actually won’t mind, because Avery is really turning his life around since he became a roadie. Now I get why Scarlett fell for him in the first place. Gunnar is still dealing with his brother passing away and what better way you can let go of so steam by having a guy’s night (and morning and afternoon)?! Will teaches Gunnar about having swag on stage and dares him to go on stage at Tooties to practice. Gunnar decides to play one of his brother’s songs (which was awesome) and he gets spotted by someone who wants to make a demo with him. Plus the swag lessons didn’t seem wasted either. But Gunnar didn’t expect Will would go all Brokeback Mountain on him. Unfortunately I read a spoiler online about this moment before I watched the episode. But it was actually kind of obvious that Will tried way to hard with the ladies and was always putting a hand on Gunnar’s shoulder. Poor Gunnar, his go to person to hang out with becomes quite a complicated part of his life.

Just by a raise of hands, who wanted to say I told you so to Juliette? I certainly did! I actually didn’t expect that Juliette would find out about Dante’s scheme this episode, but I’m relieved she did because Dante was getting on my last nerve. First everything seemed alright, with the new lovebirds planning on buying a house. But everything got awkward when Jolene accused Dante of cheating and Dante used Jolene’s addiction against her. Juliette acted really vain by not believing Dante could have a thing for the nerdy realtor. It became obvious Dante was being an ass when he was the one who “found” drugs in Jolene’s bag. I’m glad Juliette decided to look at them up close and realized Dante was the lying party all along. I actually felt a bit sorry for Juliette she got tricked again and told her assistent she would keep the house as a reminder of her personal failure in judging someone’s character. Can someone please bring Sean back to get Juliette’s head back into the game? He has been the only guy (besides Deacon) who has had a great influence on her. – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Rayna to Deacon: “I was at home packing for St. Lucia and it just didn’t feel right. And I know you’re trying to move on with your life. And I’m trying to move on with my life. But I love you. That’s just never not been true. […] I love you. That is the truth. And you can do with that what you will. But I needed to let you know, and so I did.”
Juliette about the house she just bought: “No, it’ll be a good reminder to never trust anybody.”
Scarlett: “What made me think about it was something that you said at Deacon’s party that there would be no Rayna Jaymes without Deacon Claybourne. There would be no me without Gunnar.”


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