Elementary 1×21: The sacred frown of Sherlock Holmes

Elementary 1x21: A Landmark Story

Elementary 1×21: A Landmark Story

Elementary 1×21: A Landmark Story
Another Moriarty episode of Elementary and I have to say it was compelling! The closest thing we got to Moriarty so far is via his handy man Sebastian Moran. He tips of Sherlock that Moriarty is doing business in New York these days after he spotted one of his targets on the television. I’m such a fan of Vinnie Jones as Moran. He is completely cray-cray of course, but he is also very funny singing songs about Sherlock Holmes. I was actually very sad Moran decided to kill himself to save his sister (although that last part is a noble thing to do), because I would have loved to see more Moran on Elementary.

But I’m getting ahead of myself… Watson totally called that Sherlock was lying to Captain Gregson. Go Watson! The part that they broke in to a funeral home and dissected the body of the first victim might have been one of my favorite scenes of the show so far. Their bickering can be so funny sometimes. This wasn’t their only adorable moment of the night. They also had one on the park bench where they discussed Sherlock’s behavior and the thing – or actually the person – who changed it. Watson and Holmes have made such a progress in their friendship over the season. It’s great to see them having these kind of moments. Sherlock is having still troubled with expressing his feelings, but at least he is letting someone in these days. Don’t get me wrong, I hope the writers will never cross the line of getting them romantically involved. That would be the biggest mistake the writers could make. But having Sherlock open up sometimes will be very interesting, I think.

Back to the episode: Sherlock and Watson were able to catch Moriarty man Gottlieb and discovered another one with the help of Gottlieb. Unfortunately this man got assassinated before he could give Sherlock any interesting information. The interrogation at the Brownstone having Gottlieb to wear the straitjacket was quite funny in a way. Sherlock and Joan looked like they owned the place. I also enjoyed their dynamics when Watson sort of saved Sherlock from his straitjacket and when they where discussing new murder victims.

You might think that with Gottlieb behind bars, the other man assassinated and Moran’s suicide that we didn’t learn anything new this episode. But luckily Gottlieb had some interesting information. Seems like Holmes was one of his targets when he was doing drugs, but Moriarty called it off. This is the only job which ever got cancelled. Kind of creepy, don’t you think?! Well it’s get even creepier when Moriarty calls Holmes at the end of the episode because he believes that they are overdue for a chat. Oh oh… to be continued. I really hope the next episode will also be centered around Moriarty! – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Moran’s song: “Too late, too late will be the cry, when the lady with the bag passes by. Oh, Sherlock’s up. Oh, Sherlock’s down. But he always wears that sacred frown.”
Sherlock: “This man specializes in murders that do not appear to be murders at all. If Moran was a sledgehammer, our current quarry is the scalpel.” Watson: “And how do we catch our current quarry?” Sherlock: “First, I’m gonna clean up the air conditioner. Then it’s quite obvious what we need to do. We need to plan a murder.”
Watson: “I am dissecting a body in the middle of the night. We are not having a moment.”
Sherlock Holmes: “Well, quite frankly, I’m surprised you have to ask. When I pursued Moran my entire life I had made one meaningful connection. That was with Irene Adler. Hmm? You were preparing to take on a new client, I had every reason to believe that I would be returning to the solitary methods of old. Since then, we’ve entered into a partnership. It’s an arrangement which I find very rewarding. You’re an interesting project and I enjoy watching your progress. The thing that’s different about me, empirically speaking is you.” Joan Watson: “That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.” Sherlock Holmes: “As I said, it’s an empirical observation.”
Watson: “You couldn’t have known.” Sherlock Holmes: “Yeah, you know, that’s what idiots tell themselves when they’ve been outsmarted.”
Sherlock: “Watson, you know some people without possessing genius have a remarkable knack for stimulating it.” Watson: “Oh, an insult and a boast.”


One thought on “Elementary 1×21: The sacred frown of Sherlock Holmes

  1. “Too late, too late” is also said in lock stock and two smoking barrels. Maybe by the same actor?

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