The Vampire Diaries 4×21: Out of the shadows

The Vampire Diaries 4x21: She's Come Undone

The Vampire Diaries 4×21: She’s Come Undone

The Vampire Diaries 4×21: She’s Come Undone
Ow Mattie, sometimes it just looks like you are kept on the show to have a human in the supernatural mix, but this episode you proved again that you might be the greatest hero who ever set foot in Mystic Falls. Yes, dear readers Prom King Matt Donovan saved the day and was able to switch Elena’s humanity back on after a lot of different kind of torture.

First Damon tried the good old-fashioned mind trick while having Elena locked up in a safe. Then the Salvatore brothers decide to do some intervening with sunlight, which made Elena burn literally. When she showed the brothers they would never really hurt her by setting herself on fire (yikes), it was time for plan B: Katherine. She had no problem torturing the girl who got Elijah to leave, although Elena claims Elijah came up with that plan entirely by himself. The only thing that the Salvatore brothers forgot was that Katherine gets bored quickly, so she lets Elena escape. Big problem. But luckily there is a human named Matt relaxing in their living room who can be the best bait ever, or at least Damon thinks so.

Although I freaked out a little bit when Matt found Elena all by his lonesome, I was pretty sure that they had some sort of plan. When Matt talked about Elena being the girl he loved longer then he can remember you just had to say “Awwwww!”. Matt can be such a cutie. It even looked like he got through to Elena, but she was still focusing on her hunger. Luckily Stefan and Damon interfered. Although Damon was very cruel to Matt (even when it was all a setup – thank god for those Gilbert rings) I always had the feeling it would turn out okay. Which I couldn’t say about the drama at Caroline’s home, but more on that later. I’m so happy that the threat of losing all the happy memories with Matt was the way to switch Elena’s humanity back on. Shall Matt become the Salvatore brothers new opponent for Elena’s heart? That would actually be a fun development, although Matt might get hung up on Rebekah in the meantime. Although Elena is in touch again with her humanity, I don’t think she will return to being the helpless bystander who whines about everyone’s messed up lives (which Rebekah predicted). Giving her a target to focus on will keep her in touch with that awesome witty side we saw of her during her sans humanity days, or at least I think so.

How adorable were Rebekah and Matt together this episode?! It sucks that we already know that Rebekah is going to leave Mystic Falls to join her brothers in New Orleans. So a Matt and Rebekah relationship is not in the future unfortunately. But I’m going to enjoy the moments they have together until she leaves. Rebekah is really trying to be a better person, I mean vampire. I must say I like this reformed side of her. Let’s hope she can help Matt enough so he can graduate along side his friends.

Another “Squee” moment this episode was when Klaus appeared beside Caroline. Unfortunately Silas ruined my Klaroline party, boohoo. But we learned some vital information by all the “Klaus the boyfriend” teasing. Caroline has feelings for him, but is scared to give into them because Klaus hasn’t been a trustworthy guy, so to speak. There has been a lot of teasing of some sweet Klaroline moments in the last two episodes of this season and I can’t wait to see them, but for now I’m moving on to some of Caroline’s bigger problems of this week. It had everything to do with Silas threatening her, because Bonnie went into hiding. I was really freaking out when Silas was in her home pretending to be her mother, while she was actually bleeding to dead in the living room. Candice Accola really showed her acting chops with that heartbreaking performance while her mother was almost dying in her arms. Luckily enough Silas didn’t drain every bit of blood from her body and she survived with the help of Caroline’s blood. Now she needs to keep out of any danger for the time being, so the whole Forbes family won’t turn into vampires.

The most shocking event of the episode was Bonnie teaming up with Katherine. It’s also kind of refreshing to watch Bonnie taking control of a situation instead of letting it happen and being the powerful witch who couldn’t stop another tragic event. Like I sad in my Originals review, a witch can not be trusted. Clearly she is trying to trick Silas and my only hope is that she is able to kill him without dropping the veil of the other side completely. But the one thing I really hope is that she won’t follow through on the promise she made to Katherine. An immortal and untouchable Katherine would be even more frightful than Klaus becoming a hybrid. Katherine clearly hasn’t got a heart. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that Bonnie needs a vampire for her evil plan to get rid of Silas and which vampire would be a better chose than the one who has been ruining their lives since season one?!

I can’t wait to see the new episode, because the promo looks AMAZING. But for now I’m going to reward this episode with a… – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Damon: “So I’m gonna let you think about that, and I’m gonna come back for you in a couple hours or a couple years because all we have is time.”
Damon: “Aw. You know the rules. Bad girls don’t get nice jewelry.”
Damon: “Bingo. See? There’s a little rage. I should have figured that’d be the first emotion that came out of you. I tend to pull that out of people.”
Damon about Matt: “For once, his life might actually have a purpose.”
Damon threatening to kill Matt if Elena doesn’t turn her humanity back on: “And if I’m wrong, what difference does it make? One less bus boy.”

Katherine: “Lying, scheming, and a secret rendezvous with moi? Not very Bonnie Bennett-y, especially when Elena needs her favorite witch.”
Katherine while trying to grasp Elena’s heart: “Your boyfriends invited me. They want to know if you still have a heart. There it is.”
Elena sans humanity: “This annoying, clingy thing that you’re doing, did it ever occur to you maybe that’s why both your boyfriends skipped town? I mean, I know that Tyler said he was running for his life. Maybe he was running from you. And Klaus… I mean, let’s just say it. Nobody likes a tease.”

Rebekah about Elena sans humanity: “I happen to like her just the way she is. It’s tragic that they’re trying so desperately to fix something that isn’t broken.”
Matt: “Elena was my friend long before she was your mean-girl sidekick. So if you’re upset that you lost the cure and your brothers ditched you, why are you still in Mystic Falls? Some of us don’t have the option of leaving. Some of us are broke and failing all of our classes and stuck here. So why don’t you take your freedom and get the hell out of town? I would.”

Rebekah: “I don’t mean to interfere. It’s just I happen to know all they keep in this house is blood and booze. So I brought a peace offering. Burgers?”
Matt: “This year’s been a little distracting.”
Rebekah: “All hands on deck. That’s the motto around here, right?” Caroline: “We don’t have a motto.”
Rebekah about Caroline: “You dated that?” Matt: “She likes projects.”
Rebekah to Matt: “The only reason that you are failing is because you’re preoccupied with training doomed hunters and dealing with Elena’s drama. You need better friends, like me.”
Rebekah to Matt: “Everyone needs an advantage in life. I could be yours.”
Matt talking Rebekah about the ring and coming back to life: “You mean getting my neck snapped or coming back from the dead? Because they both hurt like hell.”
Rebekah: “Well, it looks like Elena’s emotional floodgates have been burst wide open. So she’ll be back to her dull, sympathetic self in no time.”

Silas as Klaus: “What are you afraid of?” Caroline: “You! I’m afraid of you.” Silas as Klaus: “Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say you’re afraid of yourself, your darkest desires?”
Stefan: “You just find that one thing inside of you that makes you strong. It’s in there. Just latch on to it. Channel everything you’re feeling into that one emotion. Find the thing inside of you that makes you want to live. Elena, let it in. Let it in.”


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