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Weekly round-up: Let’s catch up!

Stills from Arrow, Hart of Dixie, New Girl, Elementary, The Vampire Diaries, Nashville, Revenge and Modern Family

Stills from Arrow, Hart of Dixie, New Girl, Elementary, The Vampire Diaries, Nashville, Revenge and Modern Family

Hey hi hello there! How you’ve been? Good? Good! Yes, us too…….Lovely weather isn’t it…..?
You know those awkward conversations you feel obligated to hold up while secretly searching for super-but-not-so-super interesting topics to talk about? The ones you have with that old vague friend you once had but stopped talking to after she dyed your Barbie’s hair blue in third grade or your grandmother’s old neighbor you bump into. The ones where you eventually swoop in the “weather subject” to fill in the horrific-slowly-ticking time, knowing the reassuring fact that that will continue conversation since thank the lord hallelujah everyone has an opinion about the weather. You know those??

SO! The weather! How’s it been at your location? We’ve FINALLY seen some sun here, which is GREAT. After a winter that felt like thirteen years long, we we’re finally able to enjoy some lovely warm spring sunrays. (Hurray for those!) And although that’s no ideal weather for us tv junkies (“turn of the tv and explore the outsides!” – our conscience), we managed to still watch some of our favorite shows and write about it. There has been plenty to read in the latest 7-ish days, which means there is plenty to catch up on for all those who have been exploring non-tv land even more than we did.

And on that note we prefer to live by an Elvis quote today: A little less conversation, a little more action please!. By which The King presumably meant to hush your mouth and read all the latest All That Cubeness blogs. (We’re just almost certain that’s what he meant. Such a smart man Elvis was!)

Elementary 1×21: The sacred frown of Sherlock Holmes – 9
The Vampire Diaries 4×21: Out of the shadows – 9
New Girl 2×23: Flower picking in secret gardens – 9
Arrow 1×21: The bitter hard truth – 8,5/9
Modern Family 4×21: Tooth fairy business with some glitter on the side – 8,5/9
Nashville 1×18: Crying won’t help you now – 8,5
Hart of Dixie 2×21: Drama queens, star charts and homewrecker Hart – 7,5/8
Revenge 2×19: Transparency is a bitch – 7
Hart of Dixie 2×20: Settle the dust – 6,5/7

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Stay tuned! Definitely stay tuned. And tweet, like and pin us. That too.


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