Hart of Dixie season two finale: Zade, Zeorge or Zonah?

Hart of Dixie 2x22: On the Road Again

Hart of Dixie 2×22: On the Road Again

Hart of Dixie 2×22: On the Road Again
I’m soooooo glad Hart of Dixie is coming back for a third season. Because this is what I’m talking about: heartbreak, love triangles (or rectangles these days?!), comedy and quirky town folks! Thanks for restoring my faith in this show, dear writers.

It’s the morning after prom night, Zade’s hook up and Tansy and George’s break up. The opening was super funny with Zoe dreaming waking up to Wade and having her wake up next to him for real after all. Of course George walks in her bedroom right after that moment. It’s true the guy has a terrible timing. The only upside is that Zoe doesn’t have to lie about hooking up with Wade on prom night. The downside is George doesn’t believe Zoe’s feelings for him are real and thinks she belongs with Wade.

Being in love with one person is hard, but having to handle two guys is even harder. So Zoe is super confused! What does Zoe do in those situations? Run to Lavon. It was super hilarious that she just walked in Lavon’s bedroom and jumped on his bed and asked for advice while Annabeth was there too. Annabeth is such a darling sometimes, especially when she puts Lavon in his place. But back to Zoe’s love drama. She decides to go to New York to attend a friend’s wedding and think everything over.

This wasn’t the only moment Annabeth had to step up. The quirky town folks storyline of this week had to do with the disappearance of Burt Reynolds, Lavon’s alligator (including awesome nicknames like Big Papa). The mayor from Fillmore kidnapped him, so Lavon decides to steal him back. It was actually kind of funny to see the town members plotting Burt Reynolds escape. Meatball mentioning Argo several time was hilarious. All the plans sounded very fitting for the character coming up with it. Plus Wanda and Tom Long are just adorable. But it wouldn’t be Bluebell if it wouldn’t go according to plan (they get stuck because there is a gator at the other side of the door too). Luckily Annabeth saved the day by backing her truck into the shed. That girl can be a badass sometimes!

Lemon and Wade’s quest this week, was more Lemon’s than Wade’s because he was in Zoe Hart heaven. Apparently Lemon is losing her powers when it comes to the Belles, because a bitchy Belle dissed her ownership of the Rammer Jammer and tried to overthrow her. Annabeth didn’t want to take the job, because she is busy being everyone’s sidekick and well Lemon and Annabeth have had enough friendship drama for one season, so Crickett gets the job. Although Crickett can be a bit dumb from time to time, she actually handled promoting Gloriana coming to the Rammer Jammer quite well. The only problem was, that Lemon told a little white lie and now she really has to get Gloriana to the Rammer Jammer. Oops.

At this point Zoe starts to cross paths with her potential lovers again. Jonah – who starts to fall for our favorite tiny doctor – is on the same plane as she is. With a medical issue onboard they have to step up to save the day. Luckily Zoe spots Jonah’s misdiagnose right on time and because a hero in the process. Nevertheless they are back on the ground because of the emergency landing.

Wade and Lemon have a long car trip ahead to solve Lemon’s white lie situation and meet Gloriana. This is probably one of my favorite scenes of the episode and the one I’ve been longing for since Wade and Lemon became co-owners. Wade’s grumpy expressions and Lemon’s waterfall of words narrating the event was awesome and super funny at the same time. When Lemon convinces Wade he has changed but made a stupid mistake showing up with a six pack of beer last night, Wade turns the car around. Yay, it’s grand romantic gesture time! I love those. Luckily for Wade Lemon has a weak blatter and they run into Jonah and Zoe at a roadhouse. Lemon’s reaction is so funny when she finds out that her nephew is interested in Zoe. Jaime King is amazing in those moments! Congrats by the way on the baby, Jaime. We still hope to see a lot of you in the new season, though.

The setting for the grand gesture was stunning: the flowers, the fields and the sunlight which made Zoe look a bit angelic. The only thing what was missing was Zoe taking Wade back and having them share a kiss. But this is my team Zade heart speaking. When you look at the current situation, I think it makes sense that Zoe didn’t immediately take Wade back. A couple of days before she declared her love to George and then slept with Wade who broke her heart a few months ago. Making a decision about who she wanted to get involved with for real, isn’t easy then. Plus she just took a job for three months in the city! A long distance thing at the beginning of a relationship isn’t going to work then for sure.

While Zoe and Jonah head to New York, Wade and Lemon head back to the Rammer Jammer which is packed with people and Gloriana! Seems that Lemon’s persuasive skills finally came in handy for a good case. George and Lily Anne go on tour together after George wrote his feelings for Zoe down in a song a couple hours earlier. Scott Porter sounded amazing and the song was fun too. It was actually a bit of a trip down memory lane about how the show first started out. By the way, is it just me or has Lily Anne googly eyes for George Tucker?! Uhoh… another person with googly eyes (in this case a guy) is Jonah. Who shows up at the wedding Zoe is attending, so she doesn’t have to go through the night alone. Yeah, right Jonah Breeland, you just hope to get in her pants this summer! Luckily for the Zeorge and Zade fans Zoe was actually doubting who of her two Romeos she should call right before attending the wedding.

Again, this was a great episode and with this cliffhanger I’m happy Hart of Dixie is returning for a third season. Because these final moments with Lemon telling Lavon she is going to start looking for the right person just like he did and Lavon looking a bit disappointed, Zoe not choosing anyone and George going on tour would have been a horrible send off. I hope this final episode will set the example for the third season. Enjoy the summer kiddos and let me know in the comments which team (Zade, Zeorge or Zonah) you are rooting for! – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Zoe: “Okay, this could be a dream within a dream. Wake up, sister! Wake up!” Wade: “Still here.”
Wade talking about George: “That guy really has terrible timing.”
Zoe talking about Burt Reynolds, the alligator: “Don’t judge. You know, sometimes people – alligators – do crazy things. You know, it doesn’t mean anything, though. Nope.”
Magnolia to Lemon: “Yeah, well, I get all the history lessons I need by looking at your wardrobe.”
Zoe: “Jonah, when, when, when are you going to leave this town? Jonah: “Oh, admit it. You’ll miss me when I’m gone.”
Annabeth: “there are no elite groups of anything in BlueBell. The closest you’ll find is ragtag.”
Annabeth: “Lavon, get with the program. Everyone knows this. It’s why Tansy left.”
Lemon: “Oh, I can’t. Wade hates shenanigans.” Annabeth: “So do I. And never once has that stopped you from asking me to be your wacky sidekick.”
Wanda: “We put on a play. You can be Peter Pan, Gainey can be Captain Hook, I can be Wendy and Burt can play the crocodile. Sorry, I got confused about the assignment.”
Lemon in the car to Wade: “This is about George Tucker. Because he broke up with Tansy, and now you think Zeorge is inevitable? No? You don’t? Well, why not? He’s finally single, she’s single. Why wouldn’t they? [gasps] Oh… my… God. You slept with Zoe Hart!” Wade: “Who are you?”
Lemon: “Women have smaller bladders than men, it’s a proven fact. It’s to compensate for their larger brains.”
Lemon to Wade: “Wade, I am sorry that the amazing Dr. Zoe High Heels gave you the brush-off, but I’ve reached my limit of that sulky face.”
Lily Anne giving George heartbreak advice: “Well, luckily, the solution is simple. Write a song about your pain. It works for Taylor Swift, Adele and me.”
Lemon when Wade thinks of surprising Zoe: “Now?! You want to do this now?! We are going to miss our meeting with Gloriana! Do you not hear the exclamation points at the end of my sentences?!”
Annabeth: “Something you want to confess, Reverend?”
Lemon: “I’m using simple phrases because that’s how you speak to mental patients.”
Wanda: “We can’t just stay here. If Gainey gets back, we’ll all go to prison. Conjugal visits will be way too much pressure for Tom.”
Wade: “We’ll never catch ’em at this rate unless I hitch a Porta Potty up to the back of my car.”
Lemon: “Oh, thank heavens you are here. I have been in a horror movie that never ends and keeps spawning sequels.”
Lemon: “Oh, no! Not you, too! Jonah Breeland, you better promise me that you are not in love with Zoe Hart!” Jonah: “Of course not. I don’t… I don’t do love. But I can’t say the tiny doctor doesn’t intrigue me.”


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