Revenge 2×20: Party on the porch

Revenge 2x20: Engagement

Revenge 2×20: Engagement

Revenge 2×20: Engagement
I’m glad the second season of Revenge is coming to an end, because the show gets more confusing every week. Here is an attempt to clear things up for you…

Emily’s revenge target this week is the Grayson family. What better way to destroy them from within by marrying Daniel? Yes we are back to the season one plot. Let’s call this “Can you hear the weddings bells (part II)”. I don’t really get why Emily is okay with moving to Paris, because that would make destroying Victoria a lot harder… But let’s face it Victoria will see her coming from a mile away because she is already questioning Emily’s “in love” facade and working with Jack Porter. Anyone can see Emily isn’t just lisping lines but actually shows some emotion when she talks to Jack. Yes, I know Emily VanCamp is a great actress, but her emotionless look is starting to annoy me.

But back to Jack, who convides in Victoria about Conrad ordering the hit on his wife. Although they have a common goal (destroying Conrad) I don’t think they want to achieve it in the same way. Jack doesn’t want Conrad to win the elections, but I think Victoria had a change of mind after speaking to the governor’s wife. She told Victoria that the job was killing her man – and her marriage because of the zero time they can spend together – and that is something that will sound like music to Victoria’s ears.

The only semi devious thing Ashley does this week is telling Jack he was the reason Emily and Daniel’s wedding was cancelled the first time. Yikes. I think Jack was a bit flattered by that, although I have know idea after his “hate Emily” mission lately, what he was trying to achieve when he showed up on Emily’s porch. At this point I don’t want Jack to get the girl, because he is being a pain in the ass and trusting the wrong people.

Jack wasn’t Emily’s only porch visitor. Takeda showed up too. Apparently Takeda has is own mission these days and is setting everyone up too. Yes, this is the very very confusing part. Takeda is stabbing Emily and Aiden both in the back in my opinion. Takeda even tries to kill Aiden, but the apprentice became the master. Although Aiden is out of control if you ask me. He doesn’t convide in Emily anymore and drains the Grayson bank accounts with his own identification code. Emily is too late to stop this debacle from happening. But the funny thing is – after The Falcon threatened that the Initiative would save her because they need her touch to trigger Carrion – that the draining of the Amanda Clarke Foundation Funds was the actual trigger of Carrion.

At the same time Charlotte convides in her brother that she is preggers. Her baby daddy Declan (I assume) and new BFF Regina are trying to max their ATM cards to get Charlotte’s bail money. They didn’t know Daniel already came to Charlotte’s rescue and are stuck together in the bank building when the blackout hits. By the way: Regina is actually kind of fun to have around.

The mixed feelings continue this week, but I hope that Revenge can wrap it up nicely in the two hour season finale next week. And if they aren’t able to do that, at least give us some answers and get rid off The Initiative. My prediction on the “shocking death” is Conrad (will Jack finally get something right?!) or Declan if you look at Charlotte’s response in the new promo. – 7/7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Regina: “Hate to interrupt this Hallmark moment.” [Emily: “You must be Regina.”] “Which means you must be a user of the internet.”
Victoria: “Emily, dear, that extravagant ring on your finger does not give you permission to flit in and out of my house without good reason.”
Jack: “Emily, I am so tired of all the secrets and the half-truths. It’s always someday with you.”
Nolan to Aiden: “You could be my bodyguard and I could be your Whitney.”
Victoria: “Don’t be cruel, Daniel. You and I have both made mistakes. The difference is, I don’t make them twice.” Daniel: “Except bastard children, I guess.”
Nolan: “It’s a sub-zero world when your own sensei stabs you in the back.”


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