New Girl 2×24: Twentysomething candles and crisis management

New Girl 2x24: Winston's Birthday

New Girl 2×24: Winston’s Birthday

New Girl 2×24: Winston’s Birthday
It’s the morning after for Jess and Nick. Yes, if you still can’t get over the fact that they finally had sex, start freaking out about Nick’s adorable glances at Jess while waking up. It could have been a perfect moment, but Jess dad shows up and breaks up the party. It’s also the beginning of a very chaotic episode. As a whole it wasn’t as great as the last few episodes, but the individual storylines were very interesting.

Schmidt and Big Girl Elizabeth’s bond is growing stronger. At this point I believe Schmidt is moving on for real, but next week’s promo is showing us that it’s only a temporary thing. It’s actually a bit disappointing, because I really like Big Girl and Schmidt together. Their flashbacks are funny as always (I can watch them dance for hours), but I also think Elizabeth brings out a better version of Schmidt. When he showed up in his old sweater which she gave to him, he looked so sincere. I’m already feeling bad for Big Girl that she is going to get ditched for model Cece.

Cece is drowning in wedding preparations this episode. Her family is over and taking over the place, which a family always does. I loved how Jess yelled to Cece’s uncle on the phone. Haha, Jess rocks in her crazy moments. Cece is clearly dreading the wedding, so my bet is that she won’t make it down the aisle next week. But I think Shivrang was actually really sweet to her this episode. He really needed to step up, because Jess was flunking out.

The school part was my least favorite part of the episode. The headmaster was super weird and the only thing I really enjoyed was Jess climbing on the table and talking about life. I think she realized at that point that there might be a future for her and Nick after all. Her father might be against it, after he hanged out with Nick for a day. But I think Nick sells himself short with not knowing what he wants to do. The past few weeks he really has been maturing. And believe me, even if you have a job and it looks like you got it all together, you can be just as lost as someone without a five year plan.

Of course everyone’s storylines had to come together at some point… which was on the roof. Nick surprised Jess with the breakfast he was preparing when her father walked in and Schmidt and Elizabeth were planning to look at stars. But they did forget one big thing because of all the chaos that day… it was Winston’s birthday! Aww poor guy, who showed up in an MJ thriller outfit at Cece’s because he expected an surprise party. Okay, I have to admit this birthday thing wasn’t a very strong storyline for Winston, but it was funny from time to time. And people forgetting a birthday makes me think of Sixteen Candles (which isn’t a bad thing).

Start preparing yourself for next week’s episode: we have a wedding and Taylor-Swift-not-being-Taylor-Swift coming up! – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Jess: “Shishir, you son of a bitch. You little son of a bitch. It is not your day!”
Elizabeth: “If they make fun of you, I’ll punch them in the penis.”
Jess: “The messy parts are the best parts.”


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