Arrow 1×22: The devil in disguise

Arrow 1x22: Darkness On the Edge of Town

Arrow 1×22: Darkness On the Edge of Town

Arrow 1×22: Darkness On the Edge of Town
Revelations and even more revelations for Team Arrow this episode plus some really funny one-liners by Felicity and multiple shocking developments on the island.

We start off with the Dark Archer assassinating every employee of Unidac Industries. Malcolm might be able to wipe out the people who worked on the device for him, but he can’t make the phone records between Unidac and his company disappear. Ollie decides to question his mother about her knowledge of the Undertaking. I think they played this one really smart: Ollie was kidnapped along side his mother, while Diggle pretended to be the vigilante. Together they discover the truth about Malcolm’s plan. Beside the set up, I think Susanna Thompson did a great job in that particular scene. Although it’s hard to pick between this scene and the one when Walter says he wants a divorce because he has been living a lie for all these years. Because of this new information Felicity, Ollie and Diggle team up to hack the mainframe at Merlyn’s headquarters. Having Ollie drop by to talk to Tommy about Laurel, who just confessed her love to Ollie, is the perfect alibi.

It was a perfect episode for our shippers. Felicity had some great brain spasms around Ollie and his glances at her while she has them make them even funnier. It was also a big episode for the shippers of Laurel and Ollie. He might said no first, but when he realized that he was close to fixing his father’s mess he went over to profess his love. Awww. Unfortunately Tommy spotted Ollie and Laurel making out from the street, so that might be a big problem for his secret identity… For now I’m glad Ollie gets romantic with Laurel and has a platonic relationship with Felicity. I think that brings out the best in every character in question.

But back to the hacking… The mission almost goes awry, but Diggle saves the day. In the meantime Ollie runs into Roy and his little sister and finds out about their mission. I wonder how quick they will find out the truth about the vigilante, so Roy can join him as Red Arrow. Although Felicity has some stealthy hack moves, the police gets on her trail. Yikes. While team Arrow is able to track the location of the device which is going to cause the earthquake. Or so they think… Malcolm found out about them infiltrating his system and he moved the device. Uh oh. He gets even cocky about it and reveals he is the Dark Archer to Ollie. They fight, but Merlyn has the upper hand. Although he really seemed concerned that he knocked out one of his best friend’s kids when he takes Ollie’s hood down and recognizes him. This episode really shows the potential of the show (action, drama and comedy in one) and I think this is the best episode of the show until now.

The island part also had some very interesting and shocking developments. Last time we saw Ollie, Shado and Slade they were captured by Fyers. This time we get more insights on Fyers plan. He wants to take down a commercial airplane to control the Chinese economy and Shado’s dad Yao Fei has to take the blame for everything. Although Yao Fei declines at first he agrees when Fyers uses the lives of Ollie, Shado and Slade as leverage. He manages to give Ollie a knife though, so he isn’t such a bad guy after all. But unfortunately the good guys don’t always survive. After recording his claim of taking down the commercial flight Fyers kills him. Yes, there is a lot of to be continued stuff happening on Arrow and I can’t wait to see how the first season of this hitshow will be wrapped up. Hopefully our favorite characters survive Merlyn’s evil plans! – 9/9,5

This week’s favorite quote
Detective Lance: “Psychopaths are color-coding themselves now. That’s helpful.”
Felicity: “The last time the Vigilante paid your mom a visit, you got shot, and I got to play doctor with you. Ahh! My brain thinks of the worst way to say things.”
Ollie: “Hold on to me tight.” Felicity: “I imagined you saying that under different circumstances. Very platonic circumstances.”
Ollie: “I was just treating the symptoms while the disease festered. I stop the Undertaking, I wipe out the disease.”
Ollie: “You all right?” Felicity: “I’m fine. Yeah, this is just my ‘about to hack’ face.”
Ollie: “Roy, we haven’t met. I’m Thea’s disapproving older brother.”


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