Nashville 1×19: You and me and the bottle makes three

Nashville 1x19: Why Don't You Love Me

Nashville 1×19: Why Don’t You Love Me

Nashville 1×19: Why Don’t You Love Me
The leading ladies of the show dominated this episode. Juliette has lost her way since Dante dumped her and ran off with her money. She tries to keep everything out of the press, because her fans are finally forgetting about her past mistakes and she just got nominated for the C.M.A.’s. Unfortunately Juliette tries to wash her sorrows away with some alcohol. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… but it is nice to see Jolene is there for her daughter this time. Juliette’s relationship with Deacon has become very rocky, he even quits the band. So her roadie gets the chance to step up. Yes, her roadie Avery. Who is actually kind of awesome this week. I loved his jam with the other roadies and he really looked like a changed man when he turned down a drunk Juliette. The old Avery would have gone home with her. By the way that song by Juliette and the pain showing on her face was amazing!

The guy who is at the top of my “ass of the week” list is Gunnar. Although Scarlett looked a bit like a know it all when she found out Gunnar took his brother’s song, he keeps pushing Scarlett away in general and is messing up his relationship. At this point I won’t mind if Scarlett dumps his ass. The second one on my list is Will. I’m not really happy with this gay kiss tension storyline and him trying to sweet talk every big shot in the industry. He might be right about Scarlett speaking up for herself, but he takes it a little bit too far.

But back to Juliette before we dive into Rayna’s mess of the week… at the end of the episode she gets a call from Dante, who wants to get more money because he has a tape. Of course there is a sex tape! It’s a bit easy I think, because I wouldn’t have mind if Dante was gone for good after last week’s episode. But let’s up the drama a bit more. Next week someone doesn’t make it out alive and my best guess is that Dante or Jolene will get hurt. From a dramatic point a view I think Jolene will die now her relationship with Juliette is improving her death will send Juliette to rock bottom. But from my personal point of view I hope Jolene only gets a shot wound and Dante dies, because UGH I HATE THAT GUY!

Okay this was a fantastic week for the Rayna and Deacon shippers. They really want to make it work and I’m glad Deacon fought for his woman in the end, because the being cautious stuff Coleman and Tansy are talking about are almost ruining our favorite Nashville couple. Teddy’s rant about Rayna spilling the beans about Deacon’s fatherhood isn’t helping either. When Deacon mentioned having a family of their own made me feel a little bit sorry for Rayna, because it’s a big secret to carry around and it doesn’t just affect her life and relationship with Deacon but also Maddie’s and Deacon’s lives. I hope her doubts won’t affect her blooming relationship with Deacon at least. And could we get more tragic acoustic Rayna and Deacon songs, please? ‘The End of the Day’ was yet another great song!

A small note on the snoozefest storyline of Nashville. Coleman decided to get out of Tansy, Teddy and Lamar’s way, because he suspects it’s going to get messy soon. It’s a smart move, let’s hope the writers will get this storyline out of the our way too. – 8,5/9

This week’s favorite quote
Rayna to Juliette: “Honey, that perfume you’re wearing is 80 proof.”


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