Elementary 1×22: Scavenger hunt

Elementary 1x22: Risk Management

Elementary 1×22: Risk Management

Elementary 1×22: Risk Management
It was another Moriarty episode, although Sherlock and Joan were acting more like Moriarty’s patsy than actually going after the bad guy. For me the episode as a whole wasn’t as intriguing as last week’s. Watson and Holmes were hired by Moriarty to look into an old case (which was a bit boring for my taste), although he already knew the answers. Captain Gregson starts to worry about Watson’s safety and I think he might be right. Although I liked how Watson told him off. She really stuck up for herself this episode, even when Holmes tried to ditch her to find out what was going on at the secretive address Moriarty gave him. She is right, she is his partner and he should share everything about a case with her because she has been a big help to get him there in the first place.

Again Sherlock and Joan entered a great location. I don’t know how the crew does it, but they have created some very interesting settings for the viewers. When they walked in the house I never expected this plot twist to happen: Irene Adler is still alive! It’s crazy! Well done fooling us that Irene would only be around in flashbacks. It only makes me wonder what happened to her all these years and what Moriarty has in store for Sherlock now he decide to enter the house… – 8/8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Sherlock Holmes: “She was difficult to explain. And I mean that as a compliment. She was American.” [Joan Watson: “Really?”] “I held it against her only briefly. She was an exquisite painter. She made her living restoring Renaissance paintings for art museums. She traveled extensively because of her work. She was highly intelligent, optimistic about the human condition.” Joan Watson: “You mean that as a compliment, too?” Sherlock Holmes: “I do, oddly enough. I usually consider it a sign of stupidity, but with Irene, it seemed almost convincing. She was, to me, the woman. To me, she eclipsed and predominated all of her gender.”
Sherlock Holmes: “For what it’s worth, he’s not bringing his wife either.”
Captain Gregson: “I’ve been a cop for 30 years. I carry a gun.” Joan Watson: “And a penis.”
Joan Watson: “In this day and age, the simplest way to track someone is via their cell phone.”


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