Modern Family 4×22: When a hero comes along

Modern Family 4x22: My Hero

Modern Family 4×22: My Hero

Modern Family 4×22: My Hero
This episode was all about Teddy – Mitch’s ex – and heroes, because Manny and Luke have to write an essay about a hero in their family. While Manny has a hard time with picking out a hero in the family, Luke is more worried about the reaction when the word of his hero gets out. We probably never saw Luke so insecure, but he still had some great lines this episode. Maybe it’s because the actors are getting older, but the kids really stepped up this season. They have great timing and delivery. I also like that Haley and Alex are bonding more. This time they were flirting with some guys together. They still have the big sis and little sis fights, but they also have great sisterly moments together which are heartwarming.

It was nice to see the whole family interact at one place again. Phil and Gloria were there for the comic relief. Although I agree their bit funny from time to time, it felt like a trip down memory lane and I don’t mean that in a good way. Gloria the pretty woman who’s not cable at being gracious at everything that she does and Phil worshipping Gloria send my thoughts straight back to season one. It would be nice if the writers would leave this stereotype stuff alone.

The interesting part of the episode was Claire dealing with her disapproving father, because she wanted to turn down the job at his company and Cam dealing having Mitch ex around. Everyone gets a little jealous when you see that ‘the ex’ is still very excepted by the family of your partner. Of course Cam likes to exaggerate everything (which actually made the situation more funny). But the talk he and Jay had was very sweet and heartwarming. Claire overcoming her fears when her own son reminded her she was strong and thus his hero, was very nice too. It’s hard to speak up to your parents sometimes, although your words aren’t exactly harsh but simple your opinion on a certain matter. I’m glad she was able to work it out with her dad though after she heard him talking to Cam.

This is not my favorite episode compared to the last few episodes, but it still had some great moments, sweet and funny. – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Cam: “Mitchell, look around. Your family is cheating on me with your ex-boyfriend.”
Luke: “I can’t always be the lovable sidekick on ‘the Manny show’. Did you even notice I’m binge-eating?”
Gloria: “I can’t lie to that face. It’s a good thing that we’re not married.”
Cam: “Time to heal more! That’s so sweet and sensitive. Why did you kill that part of yourself?”
Phil: “How low can you go?” Haley: “I’m at a roller rink with my family on a Saturday night. I win.”
Claire: “I swear, it started when I was 12 years old and I got a C in social studies. The way my dad looked at me, you would have thought I’d worn a tube top in church.”
Luke: “Mom, you know me and homework. I didn’t give it much thought. What’s a hero? Someone who’s not afraid of anything and who’s strong, that’s you. But dad’s so great, too.”
Jay: “He’s starting to take after Hugh Hefner over there.”


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