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Weekly round-up: At season’s end

Stills from New Girl, Hart of Dixie, Revenge, Modern Family,  Arrow, Nashville, Elementary and The Vampire Diaries

Stills from New Girl, Hart of Dixie, Revenge, Modern Family,
Arrow, Nashville, Elementary and The Vampire Diaries

There is a lot of destruction coming up on our tellies. We saw Carrion in action on Revenge this week and The Undertaking will hit The Glades on Arrow in it’s finale episode. With the Upfronts going on it’s make it or break it time for our favorite shows. We are sad we will never get any more Kit Kat Lasagna from Go On and Smash belts it’s finale song this season. Luckily Nashville and The Carrie Diaries did get renewed, so you don’t have to worry about your weekly doses of heartbreaking country songs and crazy eighties fashion.

Before we get to our weekly round-up, we wanted to thank you for reading our blog this whole season and getting us to 20,000 views last night! We never thought we could get so many views in such little time. We are going to celebrate this achievement right now, so enjoy our round-up below.

Arrow 1×22: The devil in disguise – 9/9,5
Hart of Dixie season two finale: Zade, Zeorge or Zonah? – 9
The Vampire Diaries 4×22: Greetings from the dead – 9
Nashville 1×19: You and me and the bottle makes three – 8,5/9
Elementary 1×22: Scavenger hunt – 8/8,5
New Girl 2×24: Twentysomething candles and crisis management – 8
Modern Family 4×22: When a hero comes along – 8
Revenge 2×20: Party on the porch – 7/7,5

Next week on All That Cubeness
There is a finale of Revenge and one of New Girl… let’s not forget Arrow’s first exciting finale, plus Elementary’s two hours special and TVD’s fourth season finale. Hey, did we mentioned there are a lot of finales coming up next week?! It’s going to be an awesome week, but at the same time we are dreading the inevitable cliffhangers which are ahead. Of course we will post our thoughts on these episodes, so stay tuned! In the meantime you can get your ATC fix by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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