Revenge season two finale: The next David Clarke

Revenge 2x21: Truth, Part 1 and Revenge 2x22: Truth, Part 2

2×21: Truth, Part 1 and 2×22: Truth, Part 2

Revenge – 2×21: Truth, Part 1 and 2×22: Truth, Part 2
After a messy season Revenge delivered a great season finale. Let’s review the events that lead to a couple of shocking cliffhangers. I’m going to cut right to the chase… after the mayhem which Carrion created the power was back up and the voting started. Yeah, Conrad’s election was still happening (yawn). But that wasn’t the big event of the day. Conrad lured Jack into a trap, a life threatening trap. Seeing the building explode from the side made me think of 9/11 and the recent tragedy in Boston. I know there are more shows which focus on terrorist activities, but my tummy turned in those moments. It spinned around even more when Conrad admitted that he orchestrated a big part of the event. Ugh, I hate him. Does anyone feel sorry for Victoria already? Because I do. She really married a monster. Conrad might be claiming that he had no choice, but he actually seemed very proud that he was part of the Initiative. He acted like he was God or something. Even Ashley was disgusted by him and sent him on stage to get assassinated. But that didn’t happen because Emily was right on time to stop Jack from pulling the trigger.

This season really did a number on Jack. He already seemed so last the past few weeks and his brother’s death is pushing him over the edge. I have mixed feelings about Declan’s death. Although he saw it coming, I wonder why nobody asked the question what the hell he was doing at Grayson Global. That office has got some sloppy security. They are probably going to say he was looking for Charlotte at the time of the explosion, because that is really the only reason why he would set foot in that building in the first place (although it still ridiculous that he was inside). I think Declan rised above himself in his last moments. The video was heartbreaking, just like his moment with Charlotte. It was impossible not to choke up a little bit when Declan explained to Nolan that he just wanted to see Charlotte smile one last time. Poor Porter offspring, it seems like they are cursed, just like the Crawleys on Downton Abbey. When a baby arrives one of the parents will be six feet under soon. Without addressing the birth control issue (which the characters really seemed to have a problem with), why didn’t someone say that Charlotte could have an abortion? I get she will want to honor Declan’s memory now, but nobody even uttered the word, not even Victoria who was clearly against Declan and his unborn child. Just one last thing on this matter: I’m going to retract my words about Regina being fun, because wow she is really a creepy stalker. Luckily Charlotte listened to Declan and confronted Regina.

During the first part of this two hour event, we also got a little inside on Takeda’s mission. It’s sad that Emily lost her mentor, but he clearly had some ulterior motives which weren’t very honorable to Aiden or Emily. That’s why I’m not sorry he isn’t part of the show anymore. Team Revenge has some other things to focus on. First of all, it’s not clear how the fight between Aiden (who completely blew his cover) and Daniel ended. My best guess is that Aiden has some gunshot wound, but I don’t think Danny boy is able to kill Aiden. Not after Aiden was able to kill his own sensei. I know a bullet is different than a sword, but maybe Aiden is letting Daniel think he hit him badly or he just ran away in time.

The other big cliffhanger is Nolan being The Initiative new scapegoat. This is probably the worst development ever! That guy who was creeping around Grayson Global probably planted evidence. I hope Emily is able to save Nolan soon. Yet again a tv show did a “(s)he is dead, no (s)he is not” trick on us! Padma is alive and well. Sort of I guess, because that video tape wasn’t voluntarily, I’m sure. She probably taped this confession to save her father. Or she has been a really good actress around Nolan. When they pointed their fingers to Nolan, the text “Long live David Clarke” finally made sense. I hope Nolan will not go to prison for long during the third season, because that will be really depressing. I wonder if Victoria will stick up for Nolan, now her long lost son showed up on her doorstep. I’m guessing Nolan was behind that or is this the Initiative’s way of bribing Victoria? Or will Daniel finally step up and be a man by helping Emily with clearing Nolan’s name?

But I think everyone will agree that the biggest cliffhanger this episode was Emily’s confession. Jack finally saw the light and realized the real Amanda Clarke was standing in front of him and wasn’t six feet under. I’m glad the writers decided not to postpone this fact any longer. We basically waited all season for this to happen, when you look at the events in last year’s finale. Plus it was a smart move, because now we will wonder all summer long how Jack is going to react to that particular news and all the conspiracy crap that comes along with it. My best guess is that even if the wedding is still on, Emily will want to stay in the Hamptons to help out Jack with the baby because she is the kid’s godmother after all and that’s a fact which Daniel won’t be able to deny.

Like I said before, Revenge’s sophomore season had it’s ups and downs but it ended on a high note and I’m curious where the new showrunner will take the show in it’s third season this fall. – 2×21 is an 8 and 2×22 gets a 9

This week’s favorite quote
Emily’s voice-over: “Darkness scares us. We yearn for the comfort of light as it provides shape and form allowing us to recognize, to define what’s before us. But what is it we’re afraid of, really? Not the darkness itself but the truth we know hides within.”
Aiden to Nolan: “You’ve been an unexpected friend.”
Takeda: “There are two paths to revenge. One is failure. The other will set you free at your journey’s end.”
Conrad talking about Jack: “I mean, if you think I’d allow him to commandeer the podium, you’ve sorely underestimated me.” Victoria: “Well, it’s a habit of mine.”
Conrad: “You don’t get to where we are by ignoring opportunity.”
Aiden: “I hope you get what you’re looking for, Amanda. No one has ever deserved it more than you. Goodbye.”
Conrad: “There is no Initiative, my dear. There never was. Not really. Simply a consortium of savvy businesspersons who perfected the art of profiting off other people’s fear. If human catastrophe strikes, the public spends money. Lots of it. And if one were able to anticipate such disasters, they’d stand to make a fortune. Of course, predicting these acts of God is impossible. Unless, of course, one decides to play God.”
Victoria: “You will soon learn that there are limits to what a woman is willing to endure for appearances.” [Emily: “Meaning?”] “You and Daniel. Whatever your reasons for marrying him, you’ll never convince me it’s for love. And by and by, you will grow tired of perpetuating this charade. Until one morning, you will wake up hollow with nothing but regret and misery to fill your days.”
Aiden to Daniel: “You stupid, arrogant boy. I’ve just given you something a man like you is rarely offered. A second chance.”
Emily: “I’m not gonna sit back and watch the Initiative turn you into their next David Clarke.”
Conrad: “We have our name, Daniel. We’re Graysons. We stare down adversity. We rebuild, brick by brick. You and I are gonna show the world that when the hour is darkest, we Graysons shine the brightest.”


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