New Girl season two finale: A day to define love

New Girl 2x25: Elaine's Big Day

New Girl 2×25: Elaine’s Big Day

New Girl 2×25: Elaine’s Big Day
It’s the day Cece’s eggs have been waiting for, because if we are being honest no one wants an arranged marriage for Cece but we accepted her decision to go through with it (if you didn’t accept it you’ve probably stopped watching the show by now). I think this finale episode was the cherry on top of the cake, because the second season has been great (after a slow start during it’s first few episodes).

The episode started of great with a group photo (with some ridiculous poses) and Jess dad making fun of Nick. It definitely had some influence on Nick, who even changed his suit and tried to be more mature for Jess. But of course this wouldn’t last long. Schmidt saw in Cece’s eyes – who was a beautiful bride by the way – that she didn’t want to get married. So he wants to sabotage the wedding with the help of his buddies. Nick declines at first but Winston is in. This makes the big box of awful and evil pranks appeared again at the end of the season. Although I have to say Winston’s pranks are improving. Jess immediately jumped to the conclusion Nick had something to do with it, which he actually didn’t for once, but after this letdown he joins Schmidt and Winston on their mission. It was really funny how Jess got the information from Schmidt and messed up his hair as a punishment.

In the meantime Nick and Winston lost the badger in the air ducts, so Nick freaked out when Jess showed up behind him (thinking it was the badger). They have a small heart to heart before falling through the roof right on the stage were Cece and Shivrang were seconds away from finishing their seven circles. Jess wants her to continue, but Cece and Shivrang decide to call it off. She professes her love more or less to Schmidt, which leaves a sad Elizabeth on the side, and Shivrang professes his love to Taylor Swift Elaine. They decide to run off together to Vegas to elope. I feel a song coming up, don’t you? Also Winston rambling on about life and love in the air ducts was funny too.

Here is the big twist, Schmidt freaks out when Elizabeth and Cece demands to choose between them. A couple of weeks ago this might have been an easy decision, but Schmidt really likes Elizabeth too and I have to say she has been a great influence on him. Having Schmidt run of when he was forced to make a decision was hilarious. Schmidt wasn’t the only one who had a decision to make. Jess and Nick decided to call the thing that is happening between them, both claiming that they weren’t in love. But both of them seem really heartbroken about calling it. Luckily Winston talks some sense into Nick (yay, Winston!) so he storms out going after Jess. Seems that Jess has been thinking the same and after a big speech they un-call it with one hell of an epic smooch (yes, again!). They drive off with the awesome song “I Always Knew” by The Vaccines in the background.

Who do you want Schmidt to choose? I hope he chooses none of the girls or Elizabeth, because I think Cece has some soul searching to do before she jumps into a new relationship with Schmidt. I hope it will also give Schmidt the chance to develop a less douchier and insecure version of himself. – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Elizabeth: “There are so many fun, cool traditions at this thing. The groom comes in on a white horse.” Schmidt: “So, basically, they’re just copying my Bar Mitzvah.”
Schmidt: “Bros ever before the ho.” Nick: “Anybody have a jar?”
Winston: “You know, I’m just staying positive, but, uh… I’m pretty sure this is where we die.”
Nick: “Schmidt gave me his worst suit. He said, if I could get it over my thighs, he didn’t want it.”
Schmidt: “It’s only romantic because it’s a wedding. I would be just as happy to sabotage, I don’t know let’s say, her tax audit.”
Nick: “I look very handsome. I look like I’m on Miami Vice.”
Jess: “Look, I know you think we should call it, but I don’t want to give up on this, even if we don’t know what this is. I want to un-call it. Please, can we un-call it? Before you say no. Don’t say no.”
Winston: “Hey, bartender, can you call an ambulance? I’m about to bleed out. Thanks, man.”


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