Arrow season one finale: When hell breaks loose

Arrow 1x23: Sacrifice

Arrow 1×23: Sacrifice

Arrow 1×23: Sacrifice
Where should I start, because what a finale! In the finale seconds of the penultimate episode Ollie was knocked out by Malcolm, so we start of this season finale with a shirtless (wait didn’t he wear a shirt when he got his ass kicked by Merlyn?!) Ollie chained to a metal pipe in a warehouse. After a very enlightening conversation with Malcolm about knowing what you are fighting for, Ollie breaks free because breaking down a metal pipe after five year of survival training is a piece of cake. Fighting off gunshots without his favorite bow is a bit harder, but luckily Diggle checked Ollie’s tracking device and saves Ollie right on time.

After their escape team Arrow decide to meet up at the cave, but Felicity gets picked up by detective Lance. I was worried Felicity had to sit the whole episode out at the police station, but Ollie decides to call Lance as the vigilante warning him about Malcolm’s plan. Felicity’s speech to detective Lance about the vigilante being kind of a hero was spot on. Poor Lance, though, his boss is blinded by money and suspends Lance for suggesting Malcolm Merlyn has some evil plan up his sleeve to destroy the Glades. In the meantime Tommy showed up at Verdant, completely wasted and hating Oliver for sleeping with Laurel, while Oliver tries to warn Tommy about his father. But Tommy doesn’t believe him and wishes he had died on the island. Auch.

After that event Ollie goes home and tries to talk some sense into his mother. He finally fesses up that his father made it, but killed himself in order to safe his son. Seems that Ollie got through to Moira, after Malcolm calls her he is fast forwarding his plans. While Ollie runs out to find the device, Moira calls for a press conference warning the people in The Glades about the Undertaking. That was a very strong move from Moira, in my opinion. Her children might hate her for the role she played in the Undertaking, but she did the right thing in the end or at least sort of.

We can’t have a season finale without a big romantic moment. Before storming out Ollie has a heart to heart with Laurel. This couple is finally ready to love each other for real. They are not the only one. Thea saves Roy with her wicked aim from a guy with a gun. It’s one big mess out there after Moira’s confession on live television. But Roy stays behind to safe the innocent people. I have to say that Speedy’s kiss was real epic in comparison to Ollie and Laurel’s. I don’t know what it is, but I have the feeling Laurel has been holding back or maybe it has something to do that she isn’t in the known just yet. Hopefully Ollie will reveal his secret identity to her in season two. But back to Roy. I think we saw a glimpse of Red Arrow when he saved the old man from the gangsters and when decided to stay behind. I look forward to see Roy becoming Red Arrow and joining the Arrow team next season.

But back to the mayhem… or actually right before. Diggle and Felicity decided to stick by Ollie’s side. While Ollie and Diggle went after Malcolm Merlyn, Felicity teamed up with detective Lance to dismantle the device after Ollie called him. The fight between the two Archers was interesting to watch, also because Ollie didn’t give up in the end and finally beat Malcolm. Detective Lance brought his a game in the subway tunnels. Seeing him freak out and calling his daughter to say goodbye was heartbreaking. I think it was a great twist to have a second device somewhere, after Lance dismantled the first one.

What I don’t get is how Laurel could be so stupid… not listening to Ollie, not listening to her dad to get out. When everything will turn to dust why save case files?! And no an excuses like she is super invested in her job will not cut it. Of course it upped the drama a lot when she got stuck under a rock. It was great to see that Tommy saved the day by freeing Laurel, because he didn’t have the best day with his own father taking him out. Although Tommy’s character has been thrown around during Arrow’s first season, I was sad to see him go. The goodbye between the two best friends was very emotional. I suspect that Tommy’s declaration to Laurel and him saving her in general will mess up Ollie and Laurel’s relationship quite a bit. Lance stopping his daughter from running back into the building will Laurel screamed out her lungs gave me goosebumps. Besides this big cliffhanger we aren’t sure if everyone made it out of the Glades on time. I’m just hoping Roy and Thea were on the right side of the Glades when hell broke loose.

Let’s not forget the events on the island. Ollie is able to cut him self loose with the knife he got from Yao Fei, before he got shot. With the help of Shado and Slade he fights of their captors and is able to change to course of the missile, right into the camp. It seems like Fyers, Ollie, Shado and a badly hurt Slade are the only survivors. Fyers tries to convince Ollie that he is his only way of the island, but Ollie knows Fyers can’t be trusted. So after a nod from Shado, who’s being held by Fyers, Ollie shoots his first arrow with the intention to kill someone. Shado’s training pulled off, because he kills Fyers with one shot. The island segment has become a really interesting part of the show and I’m curious what will go down there in the second season. – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Diggle: “I take back every joke I made about you sticking a tracking device in your boot.”
Felicity: “You know, I used to think the Vigilante was a criminal, too, but it seems to me, whoever he is, he’s willing to sacrifice an awful lot to help the people of this city. Kind of makes him a hero, doesn’t it?”
Thea: “I guess I have wicked aim.”
Oliver to Laurel: “Nobody in my life is who I thought they were, except you.”
Diggle: “Besides, army regulations. A soldier never lets a brother go into battle alone.”
Malcolm Merlyn: “You can’t beat me, Oliver. Yes, you’re younger. You’re faster, but you always seem to come up short against me. Want to know why? Because you don’t know, in your heart, what you’re fighting for. What you’re willing to sacrifice, and I do.”


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