Nashville 1×20: The birth and death of the day

Nashville 1x20: A Picture From Life's Other Side

Nashville 1×20: A Picture From Life’s Other Side

Nashville 1×20: A Picture From Life’s Other Side
Every character on Nashville is at a crossroad, faced with a choice to move forward or stay the course they have been following for a while now. Gunnar is working on his outlaw image, Scarlett is being introduced as the next big thing, Will wants to be the second act on Rayna’s record label, Rayna has some family time with Deacon, Juliette tries to minimize the sex tape scandal, Jolene wants to be there for her daughter, the new and improved Avery helps out Juliette with a new song while supporting his ex on her big break, Teddy drags Rayna to court, Tandy tries to take over her father’s place in the company, Lamar helps out his daughter and goes back to work and Maddie snoops around at home.

I’m glad Gunnar finally experienced the downside of his behavior. He may be mourning, but he should stay true to himself. If beating up and spending a night in jail didn’t do the job, Scarlett’s words did. I don’t know how she does it, but she was able to tell him the bitter hard truth and still be nice. It was a very powerful scene.

It still feels weird to see Scarlett having her big break, while Gunnar is on the sidelines. They have been a duo since the first episode, so I hope the writers will turn this around in the second season. Give Scarlett a writers block or something and let Gunnar save the day. Although it was fun that they referenced the whisk we had seen earlier in the season and that Avery showed up to support his ex. He has really grown. It obvious that he wants Scarlett back, because when he talked about love with Juliette I couldn’t think of any other person he had been in love with. And good behavior always has something to do with winning someone back in tv land. I also enjoyed Will and Gunnar’s scene in jail. It was a breakthrough for Will’s character (in my opinion) after his cocky act from the last few weeks. More soulsearching for Will in the future, please.

Rayna had an easy week in comparison to the other characters. She successfully introduced her new record label and played house with Deacon. Who told Maddie she is a better guitar player than most musicians he knows. No wonder if you know the truth about Deacon being her biological father. It was obvious that the writers were pushing the paternity storyline forward with the talk between Rayna and Maddie, and Maddie eventually snooping around the house and finding the paternity test. You could question why Maddie was looking for answers about a fight between her mom and dad in a box filled with important documents, but I’m happy that it happened and the truth will come out soon. Teddy freaking out about having Deacon at the house and filling a restraining order against him was just ridiculous. Teddy might grew a pair according to himself, but all I see is someone who is afraid.

The political storyline is still the most boring one that is going. Don’t you think that this show can really live without it? Okay, some characters won’t have a lot to do then but I’m sure not one viewer will shed a tear if the Cumberland deal mess and Lamar and Tandy’s growing business feud will be cut loose.

The person who had the biggest fish to fry was Juliette. The confident and often selfish girl we got to know at the beginning of the season seems to be gone. Dante really broke her down and Juliette has become a ghost of the person we used to know. Dante is blackmailing her with a sextape, but she doesn’t want to turn the case over to the police because she is scared of the damage it will do to her image which she just rebuilt. When Dante started to ask for more money she decide to go public. The statement that she practiced made her see very human and much less like the diva she has been. I kind of agreed with her assistent Emily, who called her brave. Because Juliette put her whole career on the line with this decision. When Juliette decided to go public her mother took matters into her own hands after sitting by the whole time. We saw her relapse, but I think that merely had to do with building up the courage to shoot Dante. Facing jail time and falling out of her daughter’s good graces again lead up to her overdose, I think. Jolene’s last phone call to Juliette and seeing a devastated Juliette when she discovered her mother’s body was heartbreaking. I really think Hayden stepped her performance up a few nudges this episode with becoming a shell of the person she used to be and her tears in the episode’s final moments.

This episode has been a great set up for the season finale. – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Juliette to Avery: “That is a very ballsy thing to say to your boss. You are lucky you’re cute enough to get away with it.”
Deacon talking about Maddie’s guitar skills: “She’s better than half the session musicians I play with.”
Scarlett to Gunnar: “I can’t be with you like this. I know you love him, and I know you miss him. Look at where we are. I fell in love with you, not your brother.”
Emily to Juliette: “For what it’s worth, you’re the bravest person I know.”
Jolene: “You know, I don’t know if I ever told you, but when you were a little girl, you had this… this… beautiful light about you.”
Juliette practicing her statement: “Somebody that I trusted videotaped us sleeping together. And then he tried to blackmail me, hoping that I would do anything to make sure that footage never wound up on the Internet. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but this time, I’m not so different from anybody else out there. I fell for the wrong man, and, uh… he broke my heart.”


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