Elementary season one finale: Games versus puzzles (and a mascot)

Elementary 1x23: The Woman and 1x24: Heroine

1×23: The Woman and 1×24: Heroine

Elementary – 1×23: The Woman and 1×24: Heroine
Elementary delivered a super intriguing two hours finale! While I didn’t feel the previous Moriarty focused episode very much, I adored this one. The first hour focused on Irene Adler and Sherlock’s time in London and her recovery. I really enjoyed the flashbacks. Irene has such a strong personality and an interesting view of the world wanting to perserve and treasure unique things and encounters. I totally get why Sherlock described her as ‘the woman’. In a way their personalities are very alike. I think that the scene when they are talking about rudeness, great minds and honesty. But their personalities also differ in a very distinctive way. Irene likes to win (games) while Sherlock likes to solve the situations he meets (puzzles).

The first hour mostly showed us the British backstory, while the second hour was more action packed (for Elementary’s terms). It was a big surprise and a great twist that Irene was Moriarty. Her own remark on people thinking that only men have the monopoly on murder, was great and in a way true. I think almost every viewer expected Moriarty to be a man, because Sherlock’s story has been told in so many ways already. But this twist – Moriarty being a woman – isn’t so strange at all when you think the creators of the show already made Watson a woman. A woman who’s even able to surprise Moriarty.

The second hour focused on the reason why Moriarty was in New York. She took an interest in Sherlock once, because he kept messing up her business. Killing him was her first option, but she fell for Sherlock’s charms like we all did. So she decided to study him instead. I could talk for hours about how amazing both these characters are (see also the crazy amount of quotes below, which shows how great and articulated these characters are). Natalie Dormer did an amazing job on the character switch from the American Irene to the British mastermind Moriarty. I’m almost a bit sad Moriarty was shipped off to jail in the end, because that means we won’t get any more interesting encounters with her in the future. I loved how Watson was the element of surprise at the end of the episode. Although we never really got the answer what Moriarty’s condition was exactly. Moriarty clearly underestimated Watson and it’s always great to see somebody get beaten at her own game.

We were reminded several times that Watson is still in training (reading materials on art forgeries and being behind on her self-defense studies), but Watson and Holmes final scene on the rooftop shows how much their partnership has grown over the season. It’s clearly still hard for Sherlock to say how much he appreciates his partner, but naming a bee after her was a great way to show his gratitude. I’m really looking forward to the second season of Elementary and I’m curious if Sherlock will get a new nemesis soon. – 2×23 is worth a 9 and 2×24 deserves a 9,5

This week’s favorite quote
Irene Adler: “Consulting detective? Is that different from a P.I.?” Sherlock Holmes: “There’s considerably less clandestine photography of cheating spouses, yeah.”
Sherlock Holmes: “I appreciate your efforts to keep the vulgarities of the modern era at bay.”
Irene Adler: “You’re not boring at all, are you?” Sherlock Holmes: “I make every effort not to be.”
Irene Adler to Sherlock Holmes: “You’re not accustomed to being on the receiving end of rebuffings.”

Irene Adler: “I don’t differ. I reject your whole premise. Our afternoon was one of the most unique and memorable of my life. It can’t be repeated. We could try, but that’s just a game of diminishing returns, isn’t it? I’d rather just remember it the way it was.” Sherlock Holmes: “You preserve the integrity of the initial encounter by denying yourself further ones. Interesting.” Irene Adler: “People don’t treasure things anymore. You should try it.” Sherlock Holmes: “You’re not boring at all, are you?” Irene Adler: “I try not to be.”

Irene Adler: “Is this all I am now? A piece of exercise equipment for your brain?” Sherlock Holmes: “You’re the greatest piece of exercise equipment a man could ever hope to throw a leg over.”
Sherlock Holmes: “I’m being terribly rude.” Irene Adler: “Yes, but you’re typically quite rude. I’m trying to figure out why it doesn’t bother me.” Sherlock Holmes: “Because you’re rude. Well, I mean, you’re honest. Simple minds have always confused great honesty with great rudeness.”
Sherlock Holmes: “I’m sober now. I’ll always be an addict.”
Irene Adler: “You look at a thing so closely you start to see things that aren’t there.”
Irene Adler: “Other times, it was because I suspected a potential client might struggle with my gender. As if men had a monopoly on murder.”

Irene Adler: “But then, the more I learned about you, the more curious I became. Here, at last, seemed to be a mind that rivaled my own, something too complicated and too beautiful to destroy at least without further analysis.”
Irene Adler: “Same old Sherlock. You look at people and you see puzzles. I see games. You’re a game I’ll win every time.”
Irene Adler: “You may not be as unique as you thought, darling, but you’re still a work of art. I appreciate art.”
Sherlock Holmes: “Thanks to her I now have perfect clarity. You’ve never seen me with perfect clarity.”

Detective Bell: “Must be some interesting math you’re doing.” Sherlock Holmes: “Well, I’ve never had a nemesis before. Not a proper one. Quite looking forward to it. I imagine it to be tremendously energizing.”
Sherlock Holmes: “You Watson women and your heels. Your mother’s in her early 60s. Should have resigned herself to flats years ago.”

Irene Adler: “Far as I can determine, you’re a sort of mascot. You were his sober companion, a professional angel to perch on his shoulder, fend off his many demons, but now I don’t know what you are.”
Joan Watson: “I thought you told him that you were just like him. That you saw the same things that he did.” Irene Adler: “Well, women can be a little bit more difficult to read. Just ask Sherlock.”
Irene Adler: “Surely by now you appreciate the scope of my organization. I have eyes and ears in the most fascinating of places.”
Irene Adler: “After that he can have his city back. He can have this whole insipid country back.” Joan Watson: “You’re afraid of him. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have gone to so much trouble.” Irene Adler: “My dear Watson, I’m afraid of what he might force me to do.”

Sherlock Holmes to Joan Watson: “You’ve fallen behind on your self-defense studies. A gun which remains unpulled cannot be brought to bear on a situation.”
Sherlock Holmes: “Moriarty has flair. She pursues projects which ignite her passions.”
Sherlock Holmes: “Yes, because you know that a good detective doesn’t just stop because things get inconvenient!”
Irene Adler: “I failed to predict your descent into addiction. Well, you surprised me. You’re the only person on the planet who can.” Sherlock Holmes: “That’s why you love me, though, isn’t it?”
Sherlock Holmes: “We both made the same mistake. We fell in love. It made us stupid.”
Sherlock Holmes: “You know she solved you. The mascot. Watson. She diagnosed your condition earlier this evening. She realized the real reason you could never quite bring yourself to kill me.”
Sherlock Holmes: “You said there was only one person in the world who could surprise you. Turns out, there’s two.”
Sherlock Holmes: “My nemesis has been defeated. Is that about the long and the short of it?”
Joan Watson: “So, does that mean you need to find a new nemesis, or is this more of a lifetime appointment?”
Sherlock Holmes: “Allow me to introduce you to Euglassa Watsonia.” Joan Watson: “You named a bee after me?”


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