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Weekly round-up: It’s a wrap!

Stills from Elementary, Nashville, New Girl, Arrow, Modern Family and Revenge.

Stills from Elementary, Nashville, New Girl, Arrow, Modern Family and Revenge.

Th-th-th-tha-tha-that’s all folks!Porky Pig

Never question Porky, he’s absolutely right. It’s one season finale after another at the moment while the land of television series is gearing up for a well deserved summer holiday. Some will return in a few months, others will leave nothing more than a Matthew Perry shaped hole in our heart. That’s right, after cancelling shows as Partners, Apartment 23 and Ben and Kate earlier on, the broadcast networks have informed that they’ll also let go of shows such as Go On (or The New Normal or Emily Owens M.D. or Smash or 90210 or many more). Bummer, big big bummer! It’s a shame that these financial times we’re in hinder the chances for shows to develop. At least we can find a little comfort in knowing there will also still be some good shows left AND there’s room for new ones!

But not too fast! Let’s first say a farewell to this season by hmm… here’s a thought….reading some season finale reviews. If you happen to have missed a few of our most recent articles, they’re all listed down here.

The Vampire Diaries season four finale: Trading places – 9,5
Elementary season one finale: Games versus puzzles (and a mascot) – 9,2
Arrow season one finale: When hell breaks loose – 9
Nashville 1×20: The birth and death of the day – 9
New Girl season two finale: A day to define love – 9
Revenge season two finale: The next David Clarke – 8,5
Modern Family 4×23: We never really talk anymore – 8/8,5

Next week on All That Cubeness
A little reviewing here, a little reminiscing there and previews for the new season. That’s next week on All That Cubeness. And we don’t stop.


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