What to watch: Summer shows edition!

Summer Season TV:  Teen Wolf, Twisted, Graceland, The Fosters, Suits and Pretty Little Liars

Summer Season TV: Teen Wolf, Twisted, Graceland, The Fosters, Suits and Pretty Little Liars

It’s that time of year that all your favorite fall shows are on a superlong hiatus. It might be summer, but you hate the fact that there is nothing on your DVR to watch when the sunny weather decides to take a break (which happens a lot in Holland). Well I used to have that same problem, until I discovered a thing which is called summer season on TV!

Yes, I’m not kidding. There is a lot of hot and happening stuff out there this time of year to fill that fall season shaped hole in our tv timetable. We made a list of six shows – newbies and returning series – which are definitely worth watching this summer!

1. Teen Wolf – season 3 on MTV (starts June 3)
Teen Wolf kicks off the summer season with a brand new season. After a marvelous second season which focused on the kanima, the show has to reinvent itself because Colton Haynes (Jackson) left the show. This had to do with a messy contract negotiations, but it worked out great for Colton who steals the show on Arrow as Roy Harper (soon to be Red Arrow). So I’m convinced it will work out for Teen Wolf too. The third season picks up a few months later when a pack of Alphas take over the town. Teen Wolf brings a mix of action, intriguing storylines, humor (Dylan O’Brien as Stiles!) and romance set to an awesome soundtrack.

If you aren’t convinced, watch the season 3 promo here.

2. Pretty Little Liars – season 4 on ABC Family (starts June 11)
Remember the sizzling season three finale a few months ago, when the girls were saved from a burning house by Ali? When the new season starts we will finally learn what (or who) the girls saw in the trunk and who the Queen of Hearts was during the Halloween party. Before the season starts ABC Family will broadcast a recap episode to bring you up to speed with facts like red coat (the leader of the A-team) is Ali and Jenna tries to avenge her faith with her own team. So if you don’t have the time to do a PLL marathon before the fourth season starts, you can catch up with the show within an hour.

To get up to speed with Pretty Little Liars you can also read our review Pretty Little Liars season three finale: All things truly wicked start from innocence.

3. Twisted – an ABC Family newbie (starts June 11)
Twisted is a brand new show on ABC Family. A few weeks ago they already aired the premiere as a special sneak peek and we were immediately hooked! Teenager Danny Desai (the superhot Avan Jogia – yes, he could have been easily cast on a CW show) returns to his hometown after spending a couple of years in juvie for killing his aunt. On his first day he tries to reconnect with his former best friends outcast Jo and queen bee Lacey, who have fallen out of touch too because of the horrible event. But like every high school show everyone gets together at party which is thrown by Regina, one of Lacey’s friends. The next morning Regina is found dead and everyone points their finger at Danny, but did he do it? This mystery and his motive for killing his aunt will be our puzzle to solve this first season. Don’t worry about having missed the sneak peek. The show will kick of with the pilot on June 11.

You can read our thoughts on the pilot in our review What to watch: Start obsessing over Twisted.

4. Suits – season 3 on USA Network (starts July 16)
In the season two finale Mike confessed to Rachel about not going to Harvard, which lead to a steamy hook up in the files room. In the meantime Mike and Harvey are on the outs, just like Harvey and Jessica after Pearson Hardman joined forces with a British company lead by Mr. Darby and Scottie (who confessed her love to Harvey in the process). So you could say there is a lot going on. I personally can’t wait to see what happens next on Suits. If you aren’t watching Suits yet, there is enough time to catch up with the first two season before the third season starts in July. It’s one of the best series you will discover this year, trust me.

Want to know more about the season two finale? Read our review Suits season two finale: All is fair in love and war.

5. Graceland – a brand new USA Network show (starts June 6)
The creator of White Collar Jeff Eastin will bring a brand new show to the USA network called Graceland. It focuses on a FBI rookie Mike played by Aaron Tveit (you might know him from Les Misérables and Gossip Girl as Nate’s cousin Trip Van Der Bilt) who moves to a beach house called Graceland which is actually a residence for undercover agents from different federal agencies who fight crimes like drugs trafficking. At Graceland Mike gets trained by the legendary Special Agent Paul Briggs. The promo looks very intriguing and shows familiar faces like Vanessa Ferlito (CSI:NY) and Serinda Swan (Breakout Kings).

You can watch the Graceland promo here.

6. The Fosters – another ABC Family newbie (starts June 3)
Another newbie on ABC Family. This show about a lesbian couple with one kid from a previous marriage, an adopted twin and a new edition to the family is produced by J.Lo. Since ABC Family has a good eye for good shows, we are going to give The Fosters a try. This will probably be a high school soap with your run of the mill storylines, but every season needs a “don’t think, just watch and be entertained” show. We are betting The Fosters will get the job done.

Watch The Fosters promo here.


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