Modern Family season four finale: Breaking the rules

Modern Family 4x24: Goodnight Gracie

Modern Family 4×24: Goodnight Gracie

Modern Family 4×24: Goodnight Gracie
This was quite a serious episode for Modern Family. Phil’s mom died, so the whole family goes to Florida to pay their respects. The retirement resort where Phil’s parents live, brings a whole new meaning to the words cougars and gold diggers. His mom’s body isn’t cold yet and ever lady nearby tries to suck up to Phil’s dad. Poor guy. But his wife already foreseen this and instructed Phil to set his father up with a friendly woman a few blocks away. I get Phil got some mixed feelings about it, but it created some hilarious scenes with Phil and Claire being vacuum sellers.

Luke, Haley and Alex got a personal note and a gift from their grandmother, which was quite confusing for Alex who claimed to have a special bond with her grandma. Although this storyline was a bit weird at the beginning, we got some witty remarks between Alex and Haley about being smart in return and it was wrapped up really nice during the ceremony. The humidity made the paper sticky, which is why Alex didn’t read the whole letter the first time. The story about breaking the rules from time to time and getting something great for it in return (like finding the love of your life) was very touching. Getting Alex out of her books and into the world has been a running theme this season.

Talking about books… Cam joins a bookclub and immediately stirs up some drama. It’s hilarious how he didn’t realize that he might be the reason that the drama comes up in the first place. Cam should really keep his mouth shut sometimes. Although then we would be missing out on some fun stuff, so please never change Cam. In the meantime Mitchell helped out Gloria in the courtroom. Seems Gloria has been connected to some dark stuff before she married Jay. Although the bit was funny, it didn’t add much to the story. The same goes for Jay running into the woman he lost his virginity too.

Besides the lovely ceremony there was another a great thing happening, which was Manny getting in touch with his old soul. He is just such a weird kid. The final scene with Luke and Manny sitting on a rocking chair like a couple of old people was hilarious. It was great to see the show ending the season on a light note. – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Manny: “I love it here manicured lawns, planned activities, early dinners. What more does a kid need?”
Phil: “When my dad is ready, he gets to pick his own girlfriend. That’s the big upside to your wife dying. Also, not having to think before you speak.”
Alex about her grandmother: “She said I was just like her.” Haley: “Was she weirdly competitive too?”
Manny: “You seem tense. You know, they have a steam room. Wanna join me for a schvitz?” Cam: “Please, it’s Florida. If I wanna sweat more, I’ll just move my arms.”
Mitchell: “Does Gloria really look like the kind of woman who would run a brothel? [Jay gives his best have you seen my wife face] Yeah, I better go with her.”
Cam: “Why does drama keep following me everywhere I go? It just keeps popping up out of nowhere. Like Crispin’s hair plugs.”
Resort lady: “Oh, you two are pretty smart, aren’t you?” Haley: “No. Only she is.”
Alex reading her grandmother’s letter: “This is a lighter. It belonged to my favorite actor, Paul Newman. One day, he came into the restaurant where I was waitressing and accidentally left it behind. For the first time in my life, I did something I wasn’t supposed to and slipped it into my pocket. One of the customers saw and said ‘Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me.’ That customer turned out to be the love of my life, your grandfather. So, my Alex, who I love so dearly, who is probably too much like me for her own good, every once in a while, don’t be afraid to break the rules. You never know what can happen.”


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